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100k Month Business Model MRR Audio

100k Month Business Model MRR Audio
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Sean Mize's $100k Per Month Business Model for 2015!

Hi, Sean Mize here . . . .

(For those who don't know me, I don't mean to brag or anything like that, but if you don't know me, you may be wondering, who is this guy? I'm the Sean Mize of: Ezinearticles, the author of: Anyone Can Coach, and this youtube channel: Youtube Channel, among other places online (just google me to find more)

Over the course of the last few months, perhaps you've watched me hold a final plr sale, focus on closing down parts of my business, and maybe you've wondered, okay, what is Sean going to do next?

I've haven't shared much, frankly, my computer is only on about 60 hours a month these days, and so I'm very targeted and focused with the time I do spend online.

Alot of folks have asked me, what is your new business model? Where are you going to get traffic? What are you going to sell? What niche are you going to be in?

So far I've been pretty coy about it, I haven't shared much. But I've decided to reveal it all on a one-time live training call I may never, ever repeat:

On Tuesday, I revealed my proposed business model for 2015, and how I am structuring things for my initial goal of $100k a month in 2015 (yes, you read that right: initial). You see, there is one thing I have learned over the years in the digital marketing business and that is that when you get something right, and you are in the right playground, you can scale very quickly.

Here's the thing, Last year I averaged about $40k per month online, and I sold about $200k on the Warrior Plus Network (here is a screen shot of my 2014 W+ Sales):

This year I'm changing my focus from the Warrior Plus Network to somewhere else, and I'm adding a brand new backend concept for me . . .

I'll reveal why I'm shifting models, planning to get away from the warrior forum model (in fact, I've already stopped using the warrior forum itself for promotion), why I'm not shifting to jvzoo or anything like that, why I'm not using solo ads now, and the traffic sources I'm testing right now as we speak.

Here's what I shared on the call:
--> My Brand New Business Model for 2015
-->Why I'm shifting from the Warrior Forum model to my new model
--> What IS my new model - .

--> My pricing plan - this is a pricing model I proved worked my first year online, but I abandoned it for one simple, short-sighted reason - and why I'm going back to it

Why I'm changing the way I coach, and why I may stop coaching all together

Here's what else you'll discover:

-->My candid opinion about the traffic sources I've used in the past - ezinearticles, youtube, solo ads, warrior forum, articles, seo, facebook, and others
- --> My shift to a new traffic source - and why
-->What I'm testing for traffic now - and WHY (the why is the most important thing, in my humble opinion)
--> The sales funnel I'm planning to use, what I'm implementing in my own autoresponder funnel
-->Why I'm working about 60 hours a month (15 hours a week) instead of 40 hours a week like I used to (while selling about $40k a month in 60 hours)
--> The model I now recommend to newbies

PLUS: My opinion on the future of internet marketing, and what it's gonna take to success

==> My model for scaling a business
==> You'll also learn from my mistakes, I'll share with you some of the rabbit-trails I've gone down, the mistakes I've made - and what I'm doing now

Now, here's the thing, this is powerful, it will change the way you see your business, it might help you see why you are stuck in a rut, why you keep trying to do things the way the gurus tell you and it just isn't working for you.

Now, this was a live call, and I took some great questions on the call, and if you didn't make the call, I highly recommend you order access to it, and when you order below you will get immediate access to the recording.

Note: this is the ONLY way to learn my new business model right now, I'm not answering emails about it, I'm not sharing it any other way - this will be a tell-all.

And no, this is not included in any kind of package you may have already bought - this is a brand new, live training, revealing things I've NEVER revealed before.

Now, I could probably charge $297 for this training, and it would be worth every penny and more, I truly believe that. But I want this to be a no-brainer for you, you don't have to ask your wife, you don't have to ask your husband, you don't have to dwell on this and wonder if you can afford it- it's rock solid low-priced because I want EVERYONE to be able to come and listen to me share about my brand new $100k/month business model, but if this low-price doesn't convert, I may raise the price immediately and without notice, so if you want to listen to this powerful training at the lowest price possible, just get in now: