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Writing and Earning with Bubblews Tutorial

What is Bubblews?

Bubblews is a community that allows you to write about anything on your mind, without moderators while enjoying a share of the revenue from each visit, comment or like/dislike you receive on your post. Bubblews.com is a social media website that combines writing with the chance to earn extra cash while doing so.

Why use Bubblews?

Bubblews is a place to share your authority and thoughts with others while driving traffic back your blog. It’s a way for writers to make a name for themselves while expressing their opinions on a topic. You get paid for your writing simply by others liking or viewing your posts.


Register free by clicking on the new account button. Fill out the form, choosing a username, email and password. Enter your name, your location and your website address. Upload your image.

Choose the type of layout: casual, blogger, informer or expressionist. Accept their terms of use policy. Tip: Choose the Informer layout since it gives your profile page a view with more of your recent posts.

Submit Content

Click on the Submit button at the top of your account page and then enter your post title. Choose from one of the many categories that includes all news, art, articles, beauty, business, crime, entertainment, fashion, food, health, reviews, personal and sports among others. Choose the layout: Single photo; Gallery; or Multiple photos and then upload your images. Now you can enter your content. Try to write around 150 characters at least. More is better. Be sure to use the http:// in front of any URL to make it linkable. Click the submit news button when you’re ready.

That’s it. Your post is now live on the web.


You can add tags within or at the end of your articles. Each tag will begin with a (+) plus sign. Tags are short, concise phrases or words, or keywords that describe your article. They are used to direct the search engines to your content.

You add tags by placing the plus sign in front of your word. For example +Bubblews . Make sure your period comes after a space. For phrases you put the plus sign in of the first word and then separate each word with a hyphen. Like this: +bubblews-training-tips .

One good thing about your own +tags is that other users who submit content can use your tags and that brings views to your work.


The redemption page is where you cash in all the “bank” you have earned on Bubblews. Bank is earned in the form of points that can be turned in for cash or other items.

Points are earned different ways. One way is by the views you get on your posts. When a visitor views your post, they become a unique view. So no matter how many times they visit the same post, it’s counted as one view.

Bubblews shares revenue 50/50 with its contributors.

Contributors earn revenue from user comments on their posts. The payout on comment varies based on how much ad revenue Bubblews is getting.

Whenever your posts are shared through social media you earn points. Social media revenue is made whenever a person shares your post on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network from the Bubblews website. Pay depends on the ad revenue being made.

To Receive Payment

Fill out the Personal and contact info and choose how you’d like to be paid. Fill out the form and submit.

You can see your earnings and ratings on the redemption page. It shows your number of posts, likes, dislikes, views, comments and the total earned.


You can earn revenue by referring others to Bubblews as well. Simply sign up from the referral tab and copy the link to use it on your own blog and social media accounts.

Tips for Getting More Views and Shares

Include images, preferably your own or ones you have rights to use. Images provide visuals for your content.

Connect with as many other bubblers as possible. Be actively connecting with them by viewing, liking and commenting on other people’s posts. The more active you are the more you can make and the more connections you will have.

You can find connections by checking your notifications tab. These are the notifications you get when someone has commented on the same posts you have. Connect with them by clicking on their user name. When their page opens, click on the connect button in the lower right of the page.

You are allowed post up to 10 times in a 24 hour period. Writing 10 short posts every day that you link out to your social network accounts can quickly get you more shares and views on all your posts.

Short articles like you might post on Facebook but slightly longer are a good length. Share the link to the post on your social media accounts and you will get paid every time someone visits that link.

Don’t connect with others just for the revenue. Read other posts because you enjoy them and like the writer. Connect with writers who have really good topics and posts. Of course, you want to write good posts as well so others will enjoy connecting with you.

Bubblews is generally a social network filled with writers sharing content freely on all kinds of topics. Bubblews is easy to use and fun to share with others on. You can create short 150 character posts or long articles to that get shared, viewed and liked. Bubblews allows you to earn a share of the revenue for each of your posts. 6