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2 New Special Reports Resale Rights Ebook

2 New Special Reports Resale Rights Ebook
Date Added: April 21, 2008
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What you will discover in this free report is a way to personalize website articles with a minimum of effort on your part. And at the same time, this will allow you the leverage of using other people’s knowledge from their pre-written articles to help your search engine rankings adding valuable content to your site.

As you know... (and as far as search engines go) content is king.

But let’s face it, writing a slew of articles to get content would take months or even years…

This report offers you a way to use OPK…

Other People’s Knowledge!

But it gets even better than that… Just listen…

Others provide the main content through their pre-written articles that they want you to use… and YOU get tons of free content from their efforts… Fair deal right?

It sure is… but you can capitalize on it even more if you follow the outline in this report. All you have to do is personalize what they have written by adding a brief intro and outro to it… Therefore, you precede the article with your personalized brief content and also end it in the same way... Let me explain more…

We’re talking no more than 20% total of your added content based on the length of the pre-written article. So… that works out to be just about 2 brief paragraphs. One paragraph you’ll place at the very top of the pre-written article… and the 2nd one at the very bottom after the pre-written article.

You kind of wrap it with YOUR own personalized content… and thus we can call it… Article Wrapping!

Presto… It’s a super quick process and now you’ll have full advantage of others hard work by putting in only a little effort of your own.

So why should you do Article Wrapping?

That’s a great question… Here’s why… While there are many articles available for you to freely use at your website, the search engines know which ones are being used over and over again.

The word is search engines will not see some of the duped articles you use as unique content. Therefore, some duplicate content won’t help your rankings since there seems to be a disqualification for using redundant information.

But… by wrapping a pre-written article with your own personalized brief content, you are re-establishing it as new and unique information. NOW you can get recognition from the search engines taking advantage of all the keyword rich content… and while most of the work has been done by others…

Also… you can add in your affiliate link when you recommend products that help your readers find solutions on your topic. So… you can make commissions from using Other People’s Knowledge just by adding your own content to pre-written articles.

~Side Note~ Let’s be realistic… There are ways to add hundreds and thousands of articles to your sites using content membership sites or even a great new tool that can do this right from the desktop of your computer. But keep in mind… even while it’s easy to wrap pre-written articles the way I’ll show you… it would obviously take too long to do hundreds of them… But why not take a handful of articles and wrap them in YOUR own content which will still give you a lot of mileage?

So, the concept is, yes, you can use article software to pull in tons of content as the more the merrier. Just remember, not all of the pre-written article content you use will be recognized by the search engines because of the redundancy issue as mentioned above. But you can get a lot of good mileage from of the abundance of many pre-written articles as well as doing some article wrapping too. DO BOTH to get maximum results!

By wrapping certain articles on your pages, (by that I mean what ever is realistic to you, maybe doing 10 - 20 or 50 articles, etc)… you can have keyword rich content boosting your search engine rankings as well as the ability to make commissions from your personalized content that article wrapping provides.