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200 Social Media Marketing Tactics MRR Ebook

200 Social Media Marketing Tactics MRR Ebook
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Tips on measuring and improving the effectiveness of your social media account

132. Analyze how many of your customers came to you through your social media account.

Run polls and surveys to know how many of your customers learned about your company through your social media account. This way, you will know if your social media venture is fruitful or not.

133. log regularly for better traffic.

Making blog posts on a regular basis will keep people tuned in to your page. It will increase traffic. After all, they will not regularly check a page that rarely makes blog posts.

134. Imagine that social media is like a story that you tell, and the characters in the story are your customers.

135. Do not always just talk about your company. Talk about the people that subscribe to you.

If you speak about you subscribers and customers as well, they will feel that they are important and that they are involved. This will improve your relationship with them.

136. Use polls so you learn more about your customers.

Polls let you know the preferences of your subscribers. This will give you an idea about your next marketing plans.

137. Try other smaller scale social media sites for localized marketing.

If there is a local social media site in the area of your targeted market niche, consider opening an account there as well. This is to help you reach to more locals.

138. Offer a mobile check-in feature if it is compatible with your business.

It is now getting popular that businesses allow their customers to order and/or check-in for services and/or products online. Offer this feature to open up to more customers.

Tips on coming up with a good content

139. Always stay updated about current events.

Current events may give you ideas about the future of your market. Stay updated so you are not left behind in market changes.

140. Check the latest news in your field of business.

You need to check for current events but you need to focus more on news that involve your market niche. You can also make posts about these news events as long as you do not side with any group.

141. Regularly check yahoo news.

The homepage of yahoo is one of the great places to find some of the juiciest and latest news. They also often feature business news.

142. Regularly read magazines that are related to your field.

Magazines can give you a lot of ideas. For example, if your business is about fashion, then you should read a lot of fashion magazines.

143. Hire researchers if possible.

Research is not an easy task, especially if it involves marketing and business. If you do not have the extra time for it, you can hire people to do it for you.

144. Think out of the box and come up with something unique.

Try going out of your comfort zones once in a while. Think of new exciting ways to make your announcements and posts so that your subscribers are not bored.

145. If you need to recycle content, make sure it is redone from the bottom up.

Sometimes, you just really run out of a fresh new content. While recycling is discouraged, sometimes it is the only thing that could save you. But if you must do this, make sure that you make it look new and different.

146. Ask your customers and subscribers what they want to see next.

IF you have no idea what your subscribers might like to see next, you can simplify things by asking them straight ahead. In fact, customers like it when you ask questions like: “What do you want to see next?” or “Wh at do you want us to make for you next?”

147. Ask your affiliates what they want you to do next.

Do not just ask your customers and subscribers. You should not forget about your affiliates, advocates, and influencers as well. Ask them.

148. Check your previous contents and check out what might be missing.

You might think that you have already done almost everything. But check your profile again. You never know what you might discover that is missing. Tips on writing your comments and posts effectively

149. Come up with a good title.

Sometimes, subscribers will not even try to read if they see that a post is lengthy. So what should you do? Incite their interest by starting your post with a catchy and intriguing title.

150. Always use a catchy headline.

If a title is inappropriate, then simply start the sentence with a catchy and interesting first sentence.

151. Use the inverted triangle method of writing.

In article writing, this means that you should write your articles by including all the important information in the beginning of the article. The concentration of information is higher in the beginning and gets fewer as the article ends.