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3 Keys To Creating Big Commission Checks MRR Ebook

3 Keys To Creating Big Commission Checks MRR Ebook
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Key #3: Create An Incentive.

In this final section I'm going to explain how to get your list that we talked about in key #1, along with the presell content we talked about in key #2 to merge into the perfect climax of a "buying decision”.

But first, let me answer two common questions that a lot of people have been asking about affiliate marketing from folks visiting the Affiliatenaire site...


"You mean all I have to do are the three keys and then simply promote my affiliate link?"

The short answer is, "Yes". That's it. You simply get these three keys in place that we’ve talked about in this report and from there it's just a matter of getting as many people to get to your site and click thru your affiliate link as possible.


"How am I supposed to promote my affiliate link?"

There are variety of ways to promote your affiliate link. Some work, some don't. Some cost a lot of money, some are free or have minimal fees. Some are complicated, some are easy.

The trick is finding the ones that work, free and easy among those that don't work, cost a lot of money and are complicated.

That's where Affiliatenaire comes in.

As a member, you'll receive a weekly lesson that teaches you how to promote your affiliate link. Every week for a whopping 52 weeks you'll get a "step-by-step" lesson that walks you through the promotional idea.

Here's the thing, and I'll be honest with you about this up front:

Nothing I'm teaching you in this series is gonna work for you UNLESS you learn how to market.

To be sure, there is great content in these three keys. And it's stuff that is incredibly effective in getting people to buy.


It will only work if you know how to get people to your site in the first place.

Otherwise, all you have are the three keys in place just gathering dust ... because nobody is seeing them.

So, keep reading this report. It's gonna be invaluable to you. But, at the same time, you gotta realize that you NEED (it's required, mandatory, necessary!) to learn how to get as many people as possible to get to your site, join your list and ultimately click on your affiliate link.

And that's why I think it's in your best interest to grab an Affiliatenaire membership as soon as possible while they are still available. (Hint: I can't even guarantee they'll be available when you return to the site today.)

Now, on to this final key...

Key #3: Create An Incentive.

Why do some affiliates sell more than others?

It's not a trick question. Go ahead and think about it just for a second. In fact, grab a pen and some paper and jot down a few ideas. I'll wait.

<5 Minute Break -- Seriously, make your list>

OK, so you've got your list, right? If nothing else, you made a mental list. And what are some reasons that you came up with for that question "why do some affiliates sell more than others?”

Did you respond with any of these answers...

They have a large mailing list.

They have a high traffic website.

They have a well known reputation.

They have a large advertising budget.

They have an influential network.

Your list probably includes one or more of those answers.

And you're not alone.

And you're also not incorrect. These are all plausible answers that explain why some affiliates sell more than others.

I want you to review that list again. And I want you to examine it, because there is an important common denominator in there that I want to point out.

Do you see it?

In EACH of the above listed reasons, the affiliate has a competitive edge over the average affiliate. Whether it is a large list or a high traffic website, the fact remains that many top affiliates aren't competing on a LEVEL playing field. They have something that the majority of affiliates do not have:

An Advantage

So, what's your advantage? How can you get your subscribers to order thru your affiliate link? And, how can you get them to do it NOW?

It's simple, really:

You create an incentive.

In other words, you offer some valuable item for free to everyone who orders the recommended product through YOUR affiliate link.

SIDEBAR: You can even get people to take action NOW by creating a bit of urgency. "This offer is only available to the first 25 who order." See how easy this is?

Offline marketers have been doing it for years -- and it works great!

So, why not follow their lead and use the same technique with your affiliate business.

I've been teaching this concept for years and it's actually gotten almost out of hand with people offering incentives worth more than the product itself in some cases.

But the truth of the matter is this: it is producing sales like crazy.

Let me give you an example from the real world. Suppose you are looking to purchase a new car and you visit several different dealerships.

All of them have the EXACT same car that you are interested in purchasing. All are priced at the EXACT same price. Every factor is the same except for one...