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Ad Swap Fire Starter Mrr Ebook With Audio & Video

Ad Swap Fire Starter Mrr Ebook With Audio & Video
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Frank Salinas: So when you are first getting started, of course, you’ve got to be wary, but always know that once you get a few ad swap partners that are consistent with you, you are going to be okay. John, do you want to add to that?

John Cornetta: Yeah, the other thing to do is if someone approaches you for an ad swap like John approaches me tonight, I would say, “Sure, let me see the page you are going to swap with.” I want to see his funnel. I’m going to join his list. I want to see that John is not sending them to a porn site or John is not going to change it at the last minute with something that I don’t want expose my list to. You have the right to say, “You know, I don’t like that. You have five-book deals. I don’t want to expose my list to that.” You could do all those things.

I tend to not do as much as I used to in the beginning. Now, I’m like, “Look, when someone subscribes to your list, they are yours. They are no longer my subscriber. So do what you want.” But I do recommend that you get on people’s list that you are going to swap with and you are going to be taking a look at their funnel first.

John S. Rhodes: Right. Now, there is a question, a couple of questions people have asked. I’ll first make sure everyone knows what an OTO is. An OTO is a one time offer, and I’ll explain that real fast. So when someone opts in, that means subscribed to your email list. It’s like they landed on a squeeze page, they landed on an opt-in page. When they opt in, you can then show them an offer. You can show them an offer that says, “Hey, thanks for subscribing.” And if you are doing double opt in, they have to go and confirm their email and that jazz. If it’s a single opt in, they don’t.

But after they have given you their email address or name and email address, then what happens is they will then go through that. They will submit or click the download button and then what will happen is they are going to see that one time offer. They are going to see the offer that pops up right after that. So that’s the OTO. That’s the one time offer.

John, just one more time because there are like three people who have asked different ways this question, can you just run through that very, very basic funnel one more time? I kind of gave the middle piece, but can you walk through that funnel just real fast one more time for folks who are just getting started?

John Cornetta: Sure, I’m going to talk with the most of one and then a little more advanced one. You need a squeeze page, which is your landing page that has only one goal, to put their name and their email address. You then need an OTO, the one time offer. That is your chance to sell to those people, and then you need a thank you page where they can then go ahead and download that product that you just promised them of on the squeeze page.