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Adult Dyslexia Plr Ebook

Adult Dyslexia Plr Ebook
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I have always had trouble with writing and spelling. I remember when I was in 12th Grade my writing and spelling were still so poor that I could not spell 'does' correctly. I spelled it 'dose' and could not recognize that this was wrong. My English teacher got upset with me, thinking I was just too lazy to look words up.

I explained that I try but sometimes I spelled the words so wrongly that I could not find them in the dictionary. She made me cry, feel bad, and bought me my first 'bad spellers' dictionary. However, I still couldn't find words sometimes, even with this dictionary. She told me to read more, and so I did. I read and kept journals of all the words I did not know, and I practiced them, spelling and definitions.

I have gotten much better, but I still have trouble when asked to write something freehand in stressful situations such as job interview writing samples. I find myself constantly second-guessing whether or not I spelled the simplest words correctly.

Although I have managed to be quite successful, given my difficulties academically, I am concerned about my ability to do as well at a higher level in my career. I am concerned that this kind of problem will keep me from getting the kinds of jobs I would like to have and that I would do well.

Another thing I have noticed is that people I know seem to be able to read a word once or twice and then just be able to spell it correctly. It is like I have to see the word ten to twenty times before I can spell it correctly. I often read words wrongly, even words I am familiar with.

Despite this disability I know that I must continue to practice and strive towards getting better at spelling and recognizing any mistakes I may be making. Thanks to these a number of tips I received I’m much more confident. I know it's hard at times but my drive is what carries me and my will to be successful in my life and in my career.