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Affiliate Contest Secrets PLR Ebook

Affiliate Contest Secrets PLR Ebook
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The best way to get a review copy is to contact the product owner and let them know what you want to do. Tell them how much traffic you have, or how many list subscribers. Tell them you want to do a review of the product before launch as part of your pre-selling strategy.

Some product owners won’t do this if they don’t know you, but many will. If you can get a review copy before launch, your review will be a great way to drum up hype before the launch.

Not only that, but you can get search engine traffic to your review, as well, if you post it on your blog. That way, as soon as people start hearing about the product and they search for information, you have an opportunity to get them onto your list.

Hype Emails

It’s important to start developing hype for the product before launch, and the best way to do this is to start mailing your list about it. If you don’t already have one, building it while promoting a launch is perfect. You can create a short report or video that goes along with the product and give that away free to start building your list. Once users are on your list, you can start promoting the launch by building hype.

A good way to build hype before launch is to start posting teasers about the product. (You’ll want to get the product owner’s permission to do this, of course. He or she may want to see what you post before you post it.) Teasers are either excerpts from the actual content, or previews about the type of content included.

They don’t always have to include actual content. Sometimes just telling people some of the things they will learn, or perhaps some of the results of beta testers, is enough.

Let’s say the internet marketing product you want to promote had 50 beta testers, and 13 out of the 50 made over $50,000, and 45 out of the 50 made at least $5000. Those are great results! This is the kind of information people want to hear—actual results.

Sometimes there won’t be beta testers, and there won’t be any kind of proof from users before launch. In that case, you can publish (with permission) actually excerpts from the product, or the results the product creator had that led him or her to develop the product.

The more you build hype before launch, the more sales you’re like to get once the product officially goes on sale