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Amazon Affiliate Profits MRR Ebook With Audio

Amazon Affiliate Profits MRR Ebook With Audio
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The Amazon Affiliate’s Guide To Boosting Profits

Starting an online affiliate business represents a leap of faith for a lot of people. Not because it looks like something that is hard to do or understand, but because it is something that looks so easy that it seems impossible to not succeed at first glance.

But the truth is that doing online affiliate stuff is a unique way of not only turning a profit, but of making a good living. Many marketers are put off by the time that it takes them to drive their first few conversions and then convince themselves that low profit volumes are all there is for affiliates, yet many others have moderate success and keep their affiliate activity going.

The good news is that you can easily go from moderate to pro by introducing the Amazon Associates program into your affiliate marketing efforts and by applying the strategies that we are going to highlight in this guide, which we have designed so anyone can get onboard regardless of online business experience.

Defining A Specific Yet Broad Niche

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you realize that you need to buy something? Let’s elaborate by revisiting a real-world scenario as our example, so let’s say that your 5 year old niece is coming home for a holiday and that you need to get her a gift.

What do you do about that? You go to the toy store downtown, or to the closest one to your house, or to the one that you know would offer you the best prices, or to the one where the staff knows you and are willing to give you the best, most honest advice about what to gift to your little niece.

There are two takeaways to pay attention to in that scenario. First, that you already know that you have to go to the toy store because that’s where they sell what you are looking for, preferably the one you are already familiar with, and second, that you are aware that you will need a little help with your purchase, even when you are already in purchase mode.

The same thing happens when you decide that you want to purchase a new car, or a new kitchen, or the newest high definition TV. You need a little help from an informed sales representative to make an informed purchase that you are not likely to regret later.

That is the exact same process of the affiliate marketer, who builds a website which serves as an informed middleman for people looking for information about products that they want to buy.

When the affiliate website successfully talks people into buying a product through its content, it earns the affiliate money.

And just like an electronics store would only sell electronics and hire someone who knows how to talk and sell electronics, an affiliate website needs to focus on a specific niche. An affiliate website promoting video games and bathtubs would look as bad as an electronics store selling novelty items.

The idea behind creating an affiliate website is, like we said, to talk people into buying products through affiliate links, but that doesn’t mean that you have to populate your affiliate website with all kinds of affiliate links spread throughout random content in the hopes that people will click through by chance.

The truth is that this strategy is doomed from the beginning because websites that talk about everything are exhausting to navigate. The best approach is to simply pick a product niche that you either like or have no problem writing about and then go from there.

Remember that you have to act as middleman between a buyer and the amazon marketplace, and as such you will need to make their purchasing decisions easier, so liking or knowing the products that you promote on your affiliate website will make it easier for you to recommend the products.

Once you have picked up a niche, go to Amazon.com and search for products in that niche that meet the following criteria: products that are low priced but that sell like hot cakes, and high priced items that are popular even when they don’t sell as much as lower priced products.

This is because you have to promote products that sell well enough as to leave you with a healthy amount of revenue at the end of the month. Try not to narrow down your offers too much because you will end up slowing down your profits.

To give you an example, let’s say that you decided to promote trendy, entertainment centric electronics. In that case, you will have to promote products that are lower priced but sell constantly such as newly released video games and higher priced equipment such as thousanddollar TV sets.

Yet if you decide to promote rare collector stuff only, you’ll be narrowing down your niche too much, so don’t do it unless you dedicate a separate section for that stuff on your website, or if you have an affiliate website that makes you enough money as to allow you to create a separate micro website dedicated to rare collector stuff.

Improving Your Affiliate Website (For Success)

Having a significantly functional and cool looking website is a must when it comes to any online affiliate website venture, and it is especially true for Amazon affiliates because having a nice, clean online presence is a requirement of the Amazon Associates program.

And having a functional, cool looking affiliate website doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, at least not at the beginning. Because in the beginning you will ideally work with a cheap alternative that will allow you to focus on turning a profit while you grow your website without you having to drain your budget from day one.

This will give you plenty of room to save up money to invest in the future of your affiliate website as you grow, which can take you from one to five months. That said, there are two stages involved creating the ultimate Amazon Affiliate website.

The first stage is to simply create your Amazon Affiliate website without worrying about getting every bell and whistle. You need to simply have a website where you can insert your niche content and your affiliate links.

This first stage requires you to invest in two elements: hosting and domain. The cheapest alternative to web hosting is shared hosting. We recommend you to buy a shared hosting plan that you can pay on a monthly basis to a hosting service provider such as HostGator. Shared hosting plans can go as cheap as $4 a month, and they will work well enough in the beginning.

You will also have to buy a domain name for your website. Your domain name is simply your website address, and you can also buy your domain name from HostGator. Now, acquiring a domain name looks as simple as coming up with a name and selecting the cheapest domain extension available, but there are some rules to follow.

First, don’t be tempted to use “exact match” domains for your domain name. Exact match domains are domain names that are made up from a combination of the exact niche keywords that you will target on your website, such as selecting the “cheapelectronicreviews.com” as your domain name.

It doesn't only look lazy on your part, but it won’t help you to reach a top placement on search engine results. Lots of marketers use exact match domains for that reason, but the truth is that Google and other search engines caught on to that trend a few years ago and updated their search engine algorithms to ignore exact match domains for SEO.

So the best approach is to come up with a brandable name that isn’t an exact match of your target keywords. After you make up your mind about your domain name, you will have to select a domain name extension.