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Article Marketing Blueprint Personal Use Ebook

Article Marketing Blueprint Personal Use Ebook
Date Added: January 31, 2009
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Probably the largest contributing factor to why VRE and PLR articles work so well together is the cost and the time involved.

PLR articles allow you to get access to huge volumes of articles for a fraction of the cost had you got those same articles written yourself.

The benefit here is obvious. Instead of taking you many months or even years to build up multiple sites, it can take you just a few months, which then gives you more time to focus and more money to focus on building the traffic to your sites.

In the VRE Game, your content = cash, but that content can never be pulled into the profit zone without some hefty focus on search engine optimization or traffic generation, which is why we always tell our members that VRE without traffic means zip!

The second aspect to why PLR articles are so essential to your content sites is because of the time factor.

If you are like me when I first started out, I wrote all of my content myself, all original and it took forever! It was not uncommon to have a single article take as much as an hour or an hour and a half to produce.

So when you’re starting out, if you are trying to write all your own content because you want to save some dollars, I think it is a great idea but is pointless (which is why I wish I knew about PLR articles when I started) because when you work out your hourly rate, you’d be better off going to Wal-Mart on the graveyard shift getting paid $7 an hour, and then paying $5 (if you’re lucky) to a below average writer, and then pocketing the extra $2 yourself!

Remember, time is SO valuable. Your clock is forever ticking down, and it WILL eventually hit zero. What you do with your time, determines your level of success… or failure, in life. Leveraging your workload to others is one thing I wish I would have learned early-on in my business career.