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Attraction Mantra Secrets MRR Ebook

Attraction Mantra Secrets MRR Ebook
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4) Find Your Ultimate Purpose

As we are all different, we will all need different paths to help us find our passion and purpose. If you’ve struggled to find the direction you need to complete your destiny, if you’ve always felt you were made for something, but a little unsure what t was that try some of the following ideas to explore what your purpose may be.

Every one has a purpose, and there is potential in each of us. It’s just a matter to exploring and investigating a little to discover it.

What terrifies you?

It’s an interesting concept but what you don’t like, or what you fear may be the very thing pointing to your destiny. It’s like the concept of yin and yang- there are two sides to each coin.

The fear may originate from blocking off an early passion that you were unaware of.

Write a list of your fears and the negative feelings that come from them. Then look at that list and see if there is an opposite charge to the fear. For example, if you are terrified of public speaking, but love to share your ideas, then you may be well suited to expressing yourself through the written word.

When are you scared of failing?

Those things that are important to us hold a great deal of weight to how we see ourselves and our success.

If you are scared at failing at something, you’ll often avoid it at all costs. But those things we are scared to fail at are often the very things we most want to do.

Explore the times you’ve said no to something, or avoided something because you’ve been scared of showing yourself to not be good at it.

Who energizes you?

Stay away from people who tear or wear your down..

Align yourself with people living a full life and their enthusiasm rubs off and affects your own passion.

Go for people you respect, and work underneath them- serving them. That is the very best way to learn. If you can’t find anyone like that around you, devour books about people you admire and learn by proxy.