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Auction Traffic Explosion MRR Ebook

Auction Traffic Explosion MRR Ebook
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Ebook Sample Content Preview:

You will notice this whole process involves me trying to get you to sell my eBooks with resale rights. The reason being is as you sell my eBooks you advertise my services. In fact one customer could generate me 100s of leads as they distribute my eBooks. Just remember where this all started, back at the 20 cent eBay auction.

So you need to try and turn your buyers into sellers and you do this by including everything they need to sell your eBooks and more. Make sure a well written sales page is included and that you include at least one eBook cover. Better still; allow others to brand your eBooks with their affiliate links as this will give them more incentive to sell your eBook.

What is a brandable eBook?

Brandable eBooks are fantastic. For resellers they offer a means of generating an affiliate income as you are allowed to ‘brand’ certain links within the eBook. This is usually an affiliate link to one or more of the author’s products and can also be a link to your website.

As an author it also gives you a chance to make your eBooks more appealing to your resellers as they know they have a chance of making further income after the initial sale of your eBook. As an eBay eBook seller I am always on the lookout for brandable eBooks I can sell as I know after the eBook has been sold it can go viral with my affiliate links embedded.

So how do I make an eBook of my own brandable?

If you do offer ‘branding’ rights you have 2 choices, you can manually change the brandable links in your eBook, this means waiting for an email with your customer’s details, manually adding the links and sending the branded version back to your customer. Or you could get some software to perform the task instantly on autopilot. I use Viral PDF, it is easy to use and once your eBook is set up it runs on autopilot.

What links should I allow other users to brand?

This is entirely up to you but try to put yourself in your reseller’s shoes, what links would you like to brand yourself? If you have your own affiliate program these are the best links to allow someone to brand as your reseller is effectively making money from your product. It's a win win situation for everyone.

If you don’t have your own affiliate program and have your own products you should consider starting with ClickBank. There you can add your own products and instantly have your product advertised in front of 1000s of affiliates looking to promote products.

Remember, all of this cost’s very little so the risks are low; you really have no excuse for not creating your own products, with so much private label material about these days it has never been easier to create your own eBooks.