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Basics Of Spiritual Living MRR Ebook

Basics Of Spiritual Living MRR Ebook
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Whether you participate in a popular faith or take an independent course, whether you trust in divine creation or cling to stern physical objectivity, your notions about truth define the overall context of your life. In this sense, all of us are spiritual beings as we all have certain beliefs about truth. Even to trust nothing might still be considered part of a spiritual belief system.

Your spiritual growth is a built-in part of the process of human development. Truth, affection, and major power don't prescribe a certain spiritual doctrine, so there's lots of freedom to research a mixture of beliefs. However, the highest ideal for your spiritual doctrine is becoming intelligent.

If your beliefs don't fulfill the necessities of being intelligent at the very least, they can't be thought spiritually sound as they'd be in violation of universal principles. If a spiritual doctrine yields to untruth, if it disconnects you from life, or if it breaks you, it infringes on the rules and will only lead you astray.

Social conditioning teaches us to have secure bonds to our spiritual notions to the point of blending such notions into our identities. In this book, I'll challenge you to view your spiritual feelings with truth, affection, and power. My goal isn't to convert you to abide by any particular practice but rather to help you bring greater conscious awareness to your current spiritual life.

Basics Of Spiritual Living

Baby Steps To Living A Spiritually Fulfilled Life

Chapter 1:

What It Means To Live Spiritually Fulfilled

Being happy is often misinterpreted in many ways. Most of the ways that the feeling of happiness is derived from is really not the product of true happiness but only a temporal feeling. People associate happiness with things like money, power, achieving dreams and goals, fame, accomplishments, all of which have material connections and bench marks.

The Basics

True happiness is when one in completely at peace mentally and physically in the spiritually fulfilled self. Being able to find contentment anywhere, anytime and in anything is true happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

In order to live spiritually fulfilled there are certain guidelines or recommendations one can follow. Here are some of them:

Coming to the realization that one’s life has a higher purpose, and that just achieving material goals for short term comforts is understanding that there is more to life than just these tangible things that bring temporal happiness and no lasting spiritual contentment.

This brings on the understanding that each individual has a reason and purpose to be on this earth and finding that purpose should be the focal point of life.

Spiritual fulfillment is finding the bliss in life. The thing that brings most happiness to the individual and keep it constant in the cycle of everyday life.

Love life and love the path taken in life. Even if circumstances does not allow one to love every aspect of the task at hand, looking at it with a positive mind set allows the mind to change the thought process from negative to positive, thus successfully transcending the feeling of love and peace which in turn evolves into spiritual fulfillment.

In growing and expanding both mentally and in terms of capabilities the feeling of boredom or annoyance will be kept at bay. Deriving pleasure from this willingness to explore also bring the feeling of spiritual fulfillment.

Chapter 2:

Where Does Your Spiritual Life Need Help

A strong spiritual life entails several facets of a single entity. Being spiritually balanced and fulfilled is when each piece of life’s puzzle in firmly in place, understood and happily accepted.


Some of the areas that can benefit from having a balanced and complete spiritual life are to have a strong and firm spiritual support system in place.

The support should come from the surroundings, such as relationships, experiences, prayer and so on. The idea that solitude is the prerequisite of inner peace and spirituality is indeed a folly. Social interactions and experience is crucial to the development spirituality.

Being a loving and responsible individual is the first steps towards spiritual development. People must be able to love and loving unconditionally is even better for spiritual life. The practice of love and its unbound capabilities should not be limited to the inner circle of the people around but should be indiscriminately extended to all.

Advancing to higher levels of spirituality should be the ultimate goal and by loving and serving, the exercise of consistent love for fellow human beings is being nurtured and fulfilled.

Getting the support from people around, like family members and friends, work associated and others is important to achieving a spiritually fulfilled life.

These are the people who will help the individual to grow by the support and good direction provided to keep on track always. Life greatest teachers are those who are willing to step out and help to provide the necessary advice and guidance with no thought for self gain.

Spiritually fulfilled life can be gotten through the energy expounded in relationships. The kindness and boots or awareness for others allows for the “self” element to be least considered and others needs to be addressed.

This energy gained from these experiences and interactions bring about a sense of joy and peace which contributes to achieving spiritual fulfillment.