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Better Choices, Better Life Plr Ebook

Better Choices, Better Life Plr Ebook
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If you want to live longer and healthier you will need to put forth effort that will make you feel better. You cannot live a lifestyle of drinking, smoking and all those other nasty words and expect to live longer and healthier life.

One of the best things you can do to live longer is to exercise and eat right. The problem is nowadays the FDA is putting harmful stuff in our foods that is causing fatalities and few are recognizing what is truly going on. Diabetes is one of the leading health problems causing death, yet cures are available, the FDA and Pharmacists are fighting it because they prefer to make money, rather than save lives.

Recently, I learnt that if you adhere to a fiber-based food you can beat diabetes, or else minimize the symptoms of diabetes. Now, most people are not going to tell you this because, (we won’t speak names) but they would prefer you to rely on prescriptions or drugs to survive an illness. The fact is you can use natural substances to survive. Still, the only problem is sprays and other harmful chemicals are contaminating nature.

What are we to do? We have the choice, and that is to exercise and do our best to eat the foods that will not contaminate our bodies. We have to fight in other words to live longer and healthier, simply because the truth is, man is causing his own injury. We can grow our own vegetables and fruits, which we can avoid harmful chemicals that will pollute such natural vitamins. Still, we need to work the muscles, bones, joints, and other elements of our body to survive what man is destroying.

Exercise is proven to enhance health and life. Exercise helps us to grow stronger and live healthier. To understand this we must understand how the body functions. We must understand that joints, bones, muscles, cells, blood, and all that good stuff plays a large part in how we can live longer and healthier.

The body has ways that tell us what we need. When the body does not receive what it needs it will let us know. When the body tells us what it needs and we neglect to do anything about it, guess what? We experience suffering. We experience illness. We experience pain, and eventually we end up on medications that help to determine which direction our lives will go.