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Budget Wedding Planning Tips PLR Ebook

Budget Wedding Planning Tips PLR Ebook
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Planning Catering for Your Wedding

Catering is certainly an important part of the wedding reception. You will want to work closely with the caterer to choose a menu that will work well for both the bride and groom.

You will also need to keep in mind the tastes of any potential guests. Traditionally there would be a couple of different main courses to choose from, but these days you must also keep other dietary requirements in mind. Although you can’t be expected to provide for every dietary need, you may need to provide vegetarian alternatives if you know there will be vegetarians at the reception.

Ideally you would want to know well in advance if anyone attending has special dietary requirements. If possible, ask guests to alert you to their needs when they RSVP your invitation.

Discuss these needs with the caterer well in advance so they can make arrangements. Sometimes they will need to make special accommodations, so they need to know about this in plenty of time to set everything up properly.

People will special dietary needs are usually used to bringing their own food to events or to going without, so don’t panic if a vegetarian shows up unannounced. It’s not the end of the world! But it does help to be prepared in case this happens. It’s always a good idea to urge your caterer to at least provide one vegan appetizer so any vegetarians can have something to snack on at the very least.

When choosing appetizers, it’s best to pick finger foods that aren’t very messy. Guests will probably be wearing very expensive clothing, and you don’t want them to have any unnecessary cleaning bills! Foods like barbecue and shrimp cocktail are almost certainly off the menu. Cleaner foods like p_t_ and finger sandwiches are good choices.

The main course can generally be messier, but remember to have at least two courses to choose from. You and your fianc_e may enjoy steak, for example, but you should have a chicken or fish dish for those who don’t eat red meat.

Weddings should be focused on the bride and groom, but the other guests should be made to feel as happy as possible. The happier the guests are, the more joyous the day will be for everyone. And that will all be preserved on film forever!

Saving Money On Your Flowers

Flowers can be a very expensive part of a wedding. Many people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the flowers for their wedding. But there are some tricks you can use to make sure you get beautiful flowers without spending too much money.

First of all, don’t choose roses or other expensive flowers unless you are really certain you want them. Many brides choose roses simply because they believe it is traditional or expected. But these days almost any type of flower is acceptable for a wedding. You can always opt to add cheaper flowers such as carnations into a bouquet with a few more expensive types. Or, you may choose one beautiful flower as an alternative to an entire bouquet.

Be careful with color choice. Some colors of flowers are rare than others, and those colors will be more expensive. Discuss with your florist the prices of different colors, and choose one that is affordable, but also one that will make you happy.

You do need to coordinate the flower colors with other colors in your wedding, so that it certainly a consideration. But the flowers don’t have to match the color of the bridesmaid dresses or other elements, as long as they don’t clash.

You may be able to use fewer flowers than you think. Some brides go all out, and choose flower arrangements for every table at the reception, and they even have a bouquet for every bridesmaid. But this isn’t necessary.

You can talk to your fiance about the flower arrangements, as well as the maid of honor and the florist. Discuss which arrangements are vital, and which might be left out for the sake of economy.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you get the flowers you really want. Your wedding day is perhaps the most memorable day of your entire life, and hopefully you will only have one. It should be a day you will remember forever, and ultimately you need to be sure you’re getting what makes you happiest.

If you are providing your own centerpieces for your tables you have many options. You can create floral centerpieces out of fresh or silk flowers if you are creating the flowers for the rest of your wedding. If you wish not to have flowers, you can float petals in bowls of water or fill glass bowls with colored beads for a pretty look that is easy on the budget.

Candle arrangements also make lovely centerpieces and can be inexpensive if you buy candles in bulk, on clearance, or using coupons.

If you are not using a florist, you can arrange the flowers yourself. It may be easier to use silk flowers in this situation because they can be arranged far in advance, and they may be purchased at discount or using coupons.

If you do choose to work with a florist, discuss with them the best flowers to use for the season of your wedding. Flowers in season will not only be cheaper, but they will hold up better.