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Business Blogging Answered Give Away Rights Ebook

Business Blogging Answered Give Away Rights Ebook
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Chapter 5: “How Will I Build a Following With my Blog?”

Now we come to the most important point and that is building a following. Who wants to spend hours and hours at the keyboard creating content - or spending cash to create content for you - and no one comes to pay a visit at your site? Our lives are busy enough without spinning our wheels creating something that ends up a in the stuck position.
No Secret Formula

When it comes to building a following the first thing to understand is that no one (read that no one) holds the secret formula for blog success. That secret formula simply doesn’t exist. Many various aspects go into creating a successful blog that will build a following. Some have already been discussed in this book.

The second thing to understand is that building your following is not an overnight venture. In our instant society, we want to see fast results, but fast results aren’t always the best results. Build slowly; build effectively. Re-visit the objectives you laid out in Chapter 2. Be certain that you have the desired outcome of your blog site well in mind. What will it take to get from here to there? What are you willing to invest in time and money?
Correct Grammar and Punctuation

So writing, grammar, and language arts were not your best subjects in school; so you can never remember when to use its or it’s, when to use your or you’re, when to use whose or who’s; do you know someone who does know? In your circle of acquaintances perhaps there is an editor, or English teacher who would agree to go over your blogs before you hit the “publish” button. While we can all agree that grammar is not always high on the priority list of web content, you still owe it to your readers and site visitors to be as professional as you possibly can. There’s no excuse for careless, sloppy writing.

It was mentioned previously that people do business with people they know, trust and like. One of the best and easiest ways to gain this trust is revealing your personality through your blog. Let your followers know who you are, where you come from, why you care about them, why you care about the subject at hand.

If you are a blog follower, stop a minute and ask yourself why it is you follow a particular blog. Realize there has to be an element of trust to cause you to spend the time and effort to follow someone. What are they offering that fills a need in your life? Now translate those qualifications over to your own blog and make them work for you.