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Business Vitality Personal Use Ebook

Business Vitality Personal Use Ebook
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Chapter Five: Networking

Just because you spend the main part of your online business behind a computer doesn't mean that you don't need networking skills to help your business stand apart from others. ConnecGng with like-minded business owners can help you in many ways, including branding your product or service and opening endless opportuniGes.

ConnecGng with others on the "Net" is easier now than ever with all of the social networks and other ways to stay connected. Here are some ideas about networking on the Internet that will benefit your business:

Think of social network sites as the new "power lunch" or golf game for Internet marketers. Joining sites such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn can set you up to culGvate valuable clients, partners and mentors that can help your business grow.

Comment on blogs. Blogs are great ways for those who are interested in the same subjects can connect and exchange valuable informaGon. You should not only comment on blogs, but have a blog of your own so you can find out what others are thinking.

Join forums. Don't be inGmidated by forums that seem to be much more advanced than what you think you are. Forums are great ways to learn and to get advice from those who are in the "know" about things technological and methods that will help your business grow.

Leverage social networking sites to build your business. Many joint ventures and subsequent business successes have began on social networking sites. When you have a rapport with another marketer, it's easy to figure out a way so that both of you profit from the joint knowledge you have.

Networking Sites that Can Help You Connect

Don't limit yourself to Twitter and FaceBook to promote your online business with social networking. Branch out to other business-related contacts and gain even more in knowledge and business acumen.

Here are some networking sites you may want to check out:

E.Factor - This online community is targeted especially for online entrepreneurs and is full of great ideas.

Networking for Professionals - This networking site helps you network with others who have the same interests - plus gives you some insight into the reality of running a business.

Ziggs - The slant on this networking site is how to maintain respect, integrity and professionalism for your business.

Focus - Helpful to IT professionals and focused on helping online business owners to make the right decisions based on their business goals.

Networking is a large part of making your online business a true success. Take a look at the above sites and other networking sites that may help you grow your own business with a little help from your friends.

Main Learning Points of Chapter 5: Networking

Networking is a vital part of any business, and especially online businesses. It's crucial that you take advantage of social networking to learn new skills, cultivate relationships with other entrepreneurs and learn new knowledge about what's happening in your particular niche.

Here are some take-aways from "Networking" that you can use to build your business through help from others:

Networking can be achieved by joining forums, social networking sites and commenting on blogs - or starting your own blog for like-minded business owners.

Use networking to get the word out about your business and what you have to offer.

Don't be afraid of joining forums that might be intimidating - especially if you're a beginning online business owner. The contacts you make may become a vital link to your success.

Don't limit yourself to the most popular networking sites. Expand to include other sites that you enjoy and that you have much in common with. The sites might be smaller in population, but the contacts you make can be long-lasting.

Chapter Six: Non-Stop Education

Many times, when people reach a certain age or stage in life - they quit learning. This is a bad thing for the mind, just as it can be a bad thing for your business. Unless you educate yourself constantly - keeping up with the latest trends and news - your business may become stagnant and cease to grow.

Constant learning keeps our minds agile and is the commonality of all successful entrepreneurs. It's the edge that keeps us compettve and spurs us on when others give up.

ABLE (Always Be Learning Every Day) is the best advice that a business owner can take to heart and that will help his or her businesses grow and prosper. Here are a few tps that will keep you ahead of the game:

Share what you know with others - By teaching others what you know are passionate about, you'll be reinforcing your own knowledge and answer challenges that are sure to occur when dissertaton takes place.

Read something new every day about your type of business - Never think you know it all, but be ready to read or listen to another way of doing things or thinking about things that concern your business.

Meditate every day - Reflect on what you've learned each day or simply be silent and let your mind travel its own path by meditaton techniques. Be open to the ideas and new thoughts that will fill your brain.

Get enough sleep - No one can learn properly if they're suffering from lack of sleep. Your brain is ready to shut down for awhile when it's tred - not partcipate in a session of learning.

Exercise and eat healthy - The human brain can become lethargic and out of shape when you don't take care of your body properly. Exercise produces endorphins that keep you enthused and happy so that learning is more enjoyable.

American statesman, Benjamin Franklin, said, "Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn." Always be willing to learn new things, accept new challenges and use learning as an innovation tool for your business success.

Main Learning Points of Chapter 6: Non-Stop Education

Chapter 6 focused on the theory that constant learning is key to keep your business growing and prospering. Every day there is new informaton about online businesses and about your partcular niche.

It's important that you keep your mind in top shape so that you're always up to the challenges that are sure to be a part of your business strategies. Here are a few things you should have learned in Chapter 6: Non-Stop Educaton.

Learning is a lifetme pursuit. If you don't engage in the learning process your brain will become stagnant and you won't be able to absorb new ideas and informaton that can make your business a success.