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Career Challenge MRR Ebook

Career Challenge MRR Ebook
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Chapter: 7 Using Shadowing


One effective way to acquire leadership development and career development is through the process of work shadowing or also known as job shadowing. It is a popular on-the-job training method. Undergoing shadowing is indeed a great opportunity to chase success in life and in your career.

Shadowing is a famous on-the-job experience that can help you develop your leadership skills and career development. Undergoing job shadowing is indeed a great opportunity to boost your working capacity. It involves working with other employees. There are many organizations that use job shadowing.

Leadership Development- There are many organizations and companies that use job shadowing as their tool in order to promote leadership development. Aspiring leaders and employees must not miss this opportunity to shadow their senior leaders or other people in the community that hold higher positions.

It helps with developing someone’s expertise- Through undergoing job shadowing; people with higher positions in the company can be able to share their knowledge and expertise. Work shadowing serves as a way that a person can able to gather knowledge. It also ensures sharing deep expertise.

It serves as new job training- Job shadowing can relatively help you understand your role in the organization. In general, it can boost someone’s understanding of how important a certain position or role is in the company.

It promotes career development- It can help a person to have ideas about building a certain career.

Job shadowing can help many people acquire ideas and learn new things about performing a certain role in the company. Job shadowing can help people with receiving and sending feedback, cooperating with other people, exploring new opportunities and conducting networking.

Chapter 8: Consider Location and Demand


Location and demand are two very important factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing a profession or career. These can help you determine what type of career and profession that suits your skills and abilities.

There are several professions or career paths to choose from. However, you need to understand that not all of these things or professions suit your abilities, interests or skills. This is the main reason why you should take some things into consideration so that you will also determine what type of profession you want to have. Location and demand are two important factors that you must consider when choosing a career.


Consider your location when choosing a profession. It can help you chase success easily because basically, you cannot be an agriculturist in an urban area. You need to consider your resources so that you can be well suited for your profession.

For example, if you are residing in a place rich in agricultural resources, then why not consider trying a profession related to the type of location you have. You can be an agriculturist, agricultural engineer and other professions that suit to the location of your in.

Choosing a profession in accordance to the type of location where you are staying is a smart choice that can increase your opportunity to achieve success. You just need to open your eyes and use all essential resources in your surroundings.


Demand is another important factor that can help you to determine a suitable profession or career path. For example, if you think in your area there is a high demand for nursing services, then why not become a nurse?

Considering demand in your area can relatively help you to determine a profession that can also help you to become a productive worker. If you are a businessman or businesswoman, it is important that you consider demand of the people in your area. This concept also applies tn choosing a career.

Chapter 9: Consider Online or Offline Options


Online and offline options are important platforms that can also help you achieve success in life and your career. Achieving success will let you consider different options. The two most important factors that you must take for consideration are online and offline options.

Online and offline options are two essential factors that you must not take for granted. Such options can help you in terms of choosing a suitable profession based on your wants, needs and interests.

Online Options

There’s no doubt that the online industry is a great way that you can achieve success in life and your career. The online world is continually making a good blast in different parts of the globe.

There are many people who use the internet to seek for a job that suits their skills, talents, and attitude. Advantages of using online options are listed below:

It is easy to use because as long as you have an internet connection and computer, you can access everything you need. It is indeed a great platform that can help you find job openings and other opportunities.

You can as well consider working as an online marketer. Online industries can offer lots of opportunities to make money online. This industry can offer lots of things that can help you earn money and chase business success.

You can use it even if you will just stay in the comfort of your house.

Offline Options

You can also achieve success through different offline options. It suits to people who want to look for job openings personally. Using offline options is a great opportunity to chase success that can empower you to fulfill all your aspirations in life and your career.