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Cash For Content MRR Ebook

Cash For Content MRR Ebook
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The Money Making sites found below allow authors to create what is called an authors bio. An author's biography (or bio for short) is a brief description of the most notable accomplishments of a writer. A bio should include things like the authors’ area of expertise, hobbies, education, interests and links to writing samples.

In order to automatically get website and business owners contacting you, selling yourself in your author's bio is a necessity. For this reason, some time and thought should be put into your bio to make sure it is well written and shows you're a qualified writer.

A good way to determine what should be in your bio is to take a look at your strengths. What have you produced that makes you a strong writer and what is your specialty? If you don't specialize or have a single standard theme of writing, then think about what overall theme you'd like to have. What topic interests you the most, that you plan on basing your writing around?

A theme could be practically anything you can think of, from golfing enthusiast, real estate broker, world traveler or Disneyland ride operator. The theme you choose is your unique slant into a field of expertise. By selecting and embracing a theme and writing articles related to your theme, you'll become perceived as an expert in no time.

Focusing on your theme will allow you to position yourself as an expert in it. For example, you're a stay at home mother of two small kids and enjoy creating crafts and painting. These traits would put you in the position of becoming an expert in raising children, making crafts or painting. Focus your bio on one specific passion and own it to become perceived as an expert.

To create your bio you'll want to present your expert status by describing yourself as passionate about your chosen theme. In a just a couple sentences, first enthusiastically describe your love for "your theme." Then elaborate on your expertise, occupation and secondary hobbies/skills. You can take a look at the back of books you own to see how other famous authors write their own bio's.

Continue to be clear in your focus and whenever possible maintain a personal but professional summary of yourself. Make sure you add a link to any writing samples you have and you've created your author's bio.