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Cat Training Mrr Ebook

Cat Training Mrr Ebook
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Cats enjoy being outdoors, but it also offers a new set of challenges for you as a cat owner. The outdoors is excellent for your cat and will allow him to release some pent up energy.

If you have a bird feeder your cat is going to love planning sneak attacks. However, hang the bird feeder in an area where the cat cannot get to the feeder. Do not hang it in an area where the cat can climb onto something and then jump onto the bird feeder as well.

Cats are excellent climbers and they will try to climb your fence. It is best to have your fence at an inward angle. This will keep your cat from being able to get a good hold on the fence as it tries to jump it. You can also place netting along the top of the fence to discourage this behavior.

Be sure that you do not have any poisonous plants in your yard. Cats will want to dig around in your gardens and eat plants. You want to be sure that those plants are not going to harm your cat.

There are many dangers outside. You can help get your cat used to these areas by taking your cat on a walk around the neighborhood. If your cat does wander he will know how to get back home. You also want to be sure that your cat has a name tag on his collar. Be sure to explore your yard carefully and look for anything that may be a danger to your cat.