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Catalog Sales And Recruiting Others To Sell For You Resale Rights Ebook

Catalog Sales And Recruiting Others To Sell For You Resale Rights Ebook
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Home parties have always been a fun and profitable way for others to make money from home, while having the time of their life.

This is something you may want to share with your sales force also, because it makes an easy way for them to generate sales.

First I would like to share with you a fun home party game that has proven to be successful for me in the past, and then we will cover the perfect home party plan.

If you host dull and boring home parties, your guests are most likely to leave before the party is anywhere near completed.

Some nifty ways to spice up your home parties would be to include fun games, have guests help with the food to prevent boredom, and of course my personal favorite...providing fun treasure hunts.

By providing a treasure hunt, you eliminate boredom, and one or more of your guests will leave with a surprise treasure.

Treasure hunts are fun, simple, and most of all cheap. You can pick up surprise treasures at any dollar shop. You will also want to grab a box of cheap envelopes and paper to make your maps.

First, you will want to hide one or more treasures in secret places in your home. You can hide them under your bed (if you don't mind guests in your bedroom), behind the sofa, in a coat pocket in the hall closet, etc.

I'm sure that their are dozens of places you can hide your little treasures in your home. Only make sure that the areas are safe to walk in, and somewhere the treasures will not get broken.

Once your treasures are hid, you will want to cut your paper into 8 squares (use regular sized notebook or typing paper).

Next, write a hint on one piece of paper that hints at where one of the treasures is hid, seal it in an envelope, and hide it under a cushion somewhere. Now write a hint telling where to find the last hint you hid, seal it in an envelope and hide it as well.

Continue doing this until you have several hints hidden, with each one telling where the next hint is hid. Now to make your treasure "maps", you will want to draw a rough layout of your home, and place a big red X in the area where the first hint is located.

Make a copy of your map for each guest, and place them folded in your guest's catalogs somewhere near the back. Now grab a book of stickers (I like to use Sponge Bob stickers) and place a sticker on a random page in each catalog. This is important for the final part of the treasure hunt.

Guests won't get their maps if they don't look in their catalogs, and to prevent guests from cheating you can staple them to a page so that they won't fall out when shaken.