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Chemically Engineered PLR Ebook With Video

Chemically Engineered PLR Ebook With Video
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Chapter 1 Be Smart

This guide is for those who are looking to educate themselves about steroids, and other performance enhancing drugs. Even if you never intend to use steroids you will learn about how the chemicals in our bodies act in positive or negative ways on muscle growth.

If you are an experienced bodybuilder who feels that you have reached your genetic potential, and wish to exceed it then you have likely thought about steroids. By reading this guide you are obviously sensible and mature enough to educate yourself on how performance enhancing drugs work on the body.

Be Smart

Before we get into the discussion of steroids I am quickly going to go over some important points.

1) Steroids need to be used carefully. These are powerful hormones and they are not without their dangers.

2) Steroids are not a magic pill. You need to eat, train, and rest.

3) Post cycle therapy is absolutely necessary.

Side effects of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs:

Acne, male pattern baldness, erectile disfunction, shrunken testicles, decreased sperm count, (Hypogonadism), breast tissue in males (Gynecomastia), liver damage, changes in cholesterol levels, stunted height, cardiovascular problems, enlarged prostate, water retention, depression, mood changes, and the shutting down of natural hormonal production.

Also in females side effects include menstrual changes, cervical cancer, virilization symptoms such as an enlarged clitoris, deepening of voice, and abnormal hair growth.

With Human Growth Hormone (HGH) use there is the added increased risk of cancer and diabetes, joint swelling, joint pain, changes in bone structure, Acromegaly (Abnormal growth of organs), and body odor.

You should be at least 21 years of age before even considering altering your body chemistry. In youths steroids can have a negative effects on growth, and cause serious permanent side effects. Besides, when you are in your late teens and early twenties your body is naturally producing enough hormones to build and impressive physique.

It is not worth pumping your body full of chemicals in an attempt to create the kind of body that has been popularized in the media. The men and women you see in fitness magazines and in bodybuilding competitions with abnormally massive physiques often use excessive amounts of drugs to achieve that look.

Some bodybuilders take ten times the recommended

dosages. This takes a serious toll on the body and also costs thousands of dollars to purchase the drugs. At that stage of the game steroids are definitely cause side effects. Then to off-set those side effects and in order to maintain a body chemistry that is fit for lean muscle growth more drugs have to be taken. Not only can this be unhealthy and expensive, but they also practically are walking chemistry sets.

There is a lot of knowledge that is required to use steroids safely and effectively while minimizing those side effects. A person should definitely not use steroids unless they are prescribed by a physician, or they have at the very least done their homework and understand how steroids act on the body.

You should have a solid base of bodybuilding, and weight lifting knowledge, and be in good physical condition with low body fat. If you are just starting out weight lifting give yourself a few years of training without steroids. If during this time you still wish to enhance yourself chemically learn everything you can about steroids and your bodies chemistry.

Obviously steroids do work. You can quickly pack on 15-20 pounds of muscle in a short amount of time on an initial cycle. The body also quickly regulates itself making it more resistant to further cycles so higher doses will be required in the future to achieve the same effects. This is why steroids are taking in cycles that are commonly around 12 weeks on and then 12 weeks off. When off the cycle your body will no longer be producing as much testosterone as it did before you started your cycle. It takes time for your hormone levels to get back to normal. Post cycle therapy is used to get your body back on track while minimizing muscle loss, and side effects.

Don’t think you can casually use steroids and not do post cycle therapy. In order to do steroids right you have to take care of your body when coming off of them. If you don’t, your not being smart. If your not being smart then you shouldn’t be using steroids at all. Be sure you read this guide thoroughly, and refer to it often before, during, and after your cycle. It is recommended that you print out the charts, and quick start guides so you can have the information on hand and go through the material easily while taking notes.

When steroids are done right, along with a nutritious diet, intense weight training, and plenty of rest the results are spectacular. You can go beyond your genetic potential and build a body that is strong, with powerful lean muscle mass.

Chapter 2 Doing It Right

Do fool yourself into thinking it will be easy or effortless. Nothing worthwhile comes by taking shortcuts. You will need to train intensely, and progressively increase the amount of weight you lift. You will have to eat a healthy balanced diet that is rich in protein, healthy fats, carbs, and fiber. It will take a strong will, determination, focus, and dedication to lifetime of fitness.

Bodybuilding is a long term endeavor whether you use steroids or not. Take the time to master every aspect of building a strong healthy body. Your results will only be as good as your weakest link. If your nutrition, training is inadequate, or your not getting enough rest, your working against yourself.

Be smart and become the master of your body and mind so you can achieve your goals in every aspect of your life. Life is about balance. Make sure you have a healthy balanced lifestyle. Enjoy yourself. Spend time with your friends and loved ones. Never stop learning. Keep developing new skills. Work hard.

Save your money.

Always be grateful for what you have, and live in the moment. If you are not enjoying the journey, but always looking towards a future where you will be stronger, sexier, or wealthier, you are missing out on life altogether.

Your going to have your ups and downs, but be sure to find pleasure in everything you do, and be grateful for the life you have in every moment.

Chapter 3 Goal Setting

In order to be a high performer at anything you need to set goals and then take steps to achieve them. Before using steroids it would be helpful to have some targets measurements that you would like to hit.

Before you can set your targets you need to know where you currently stand. Record your weight, and find out what your bodyfat percentage is at. Body-fat calipers are inexpensive to purchase and easy to use. Also take measurements of your neck, arms, chest, and waist, and legs.

Now set the goals you would like to achieve. It is a good idea to aim for the stars, but you also have to be realistic. You don't want to set your goals to low, but you also don't want to set them so high that you end up disappointed if you don't reach them. Your goals should be challenging though, and it is better to aim for the stars and land on the moon.

Examples of goals to work towards would be gaining 10 Kg in two months, reducing your body-fat percentage 4% in 6 weeks, or putting two inches on your arms in 90 days.