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Chinese Herbs MRR Ebook With Audio

Chinese Herbs MRR Ebook With Audio
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China is the largest populated country in the world. But it is an amazing fact to know that you will hardly find a single fat person there. Chinese medicine for weight-losing has a long history of over 5000 years. Losing your weight through Chinese herbs can save you from any chemical side effect of a normal medicine. That is the main reason that people are rarely fat in china. The routine use of Chinese herbs and its effects makes the people slim, smart and fit. Slimming has never been in the priority in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as it has never been a major problem in China like it id in the Western countries. Yin-Yang philosophy and the five elements is an ancient Chinese theory. According to the research of Traditional Chinese Medicine, people gain the wait due to the unhealthy interaction of Yin-Yang and the disturbances in the balance of body organ functions.

Scientists say that when you eat the following process takes place in your body: the food is digested, the nutrients are absorbed and the waste material is extracted from your body. If there is an imbalance in any of these processes it may lead to the gaining of weight due to the retention of water, fat or food. As mentioned above that slimming is not the major focus in the field of Chinese herbal medicine, however there are many people who worked on it and claims to have a weight reducing formula using Chinese herbs.

In fact two Chinese herbal medicines for reducing weight were even banned in China because it was debated that a banned substance N-nitroso-fenfluramine was mixed in those herbal weight loss solutions. This banned substance could have caused heart problems for the people using it. These two drugs were marketed and sold on internet as a natural weight loss supplements but later they were banned in China due to the severe side effect. Most commonly used Chinese herb, Ma Huang or ephedra has also been known to cause heart valve conditions and is banned in the country.

TCM is not in the favor to use any Chinese medicine for the treatment of obesity. Almost all the chinese herbs are mixed with other herbs to treat the fatness. But the combination of different herbs and medicines is based on the metabolic and physical conditions of each individual. The term ‘spleen’ is very important in this matter. The function of Spleen is to control the transformation and movement of fluids by managing muscles and flesh effectively. It has been proved that the Spleen can be damaged or badly affected by the excessive in take of food. Even if it’s the part of your nature to take heavy meals through out the day, you must exercise daily.