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Christmas Cooking Feast PLR Ebook

Christmas Cooking Feast PLR Ebook
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Cooking at Christmas time either brings joyful thoughts or thoughts of dread.

Maybe it’s a combination. We all love the food at Christmas and the smells wafting through the house. But, it also puts a lot of pressure on whoever is the main cook of the house.

Most of the issues with cooking at Christmas can be solved by making things simple.

The truth is, we tend to complicate food production for the holidays, making too much food, too many different types of food, and not involving the family to help cut down on the host having to do all the cooking.

Chapter – 1 Intermixing the Old and the New Ones

Every family has its traditions, and it’s always good to keep and pass these on. But, it’s also fun to add in something new. If you find out that no one in the family likes something, just stop doing it. Even if it was tradition, there is no point in continuing.

There are many traditional foods that you can serve at Christmas, but there are also some foods that you can add to make the celebration newer.

Let’s look at some traditional foods and how to incorporate something new.

* Potato Salad – This is a common dish served at Christmas celebrations all over the world. There are many ways to make it.

If you’ve always made it one way, why not try a new way. For example, if you make mayonnaise-rich potato salad, you might want to try one that doesn’t have mayonnaise just to shake it up a little.

* Turkey – It might seem odd to you but not everyone eats turkey at Christmas. Many people today are now enjoying plant-based diets so they want something else.

Others are just tired of the same old thing each year. Why not have a pizza party, or try some traditional dishes from around the world - like Chiles en Nogada, which is enjoyed during the holidays in Mexico, as your main dish.

* Feast of the Seven Fishes – This is an Italian tradition.

You can change the theme of your holiday depending on what you normally do and still be fully traditional, while also trying something new.

* Doro Wat on Injera – This is the traditional Ethiopian Christmas dinner.

It’s a spicy chicken stew. You could sub turkey for chicken and use this recipe as a way to use leftovers from your traditional turkey dinner, shaking up the old and new in a very tasty and original way.

* Go German – There are many rich traditions for food in Germany.

Instead of your normal turkey, why not roast a duck instead? This can be a good way to shake up your Christmas dinner, keeping it traditional while adding something new:

You get the idea regarding food. Look to your heritage. A fun idea is to get everyone to do a DNA test to check your genealogy before the holidays, then ask each person to bring a dish from a country that they discovered was part of their genetic makeup.

You can set up a Facebook group around Halloween with your entire family to discuss cooking for the holidays, as well as DNA test results if you do that.

However you choose to proceed, remember that you don’t have to do it all. You can ask for help, you can skip some things, and you can add new things as you desire.

Chapter – 2 Breakfast & Brunch Ideas for Christmas

If you’re feeding a crowd, then you might want some Christmas breakfast or brunch ideas to help you make everyone happy. But remember - you don’t have to fix Christmas breakfast on Christmas Day. You can do it anytime during the holidays. If you have a large crowd in your house for Christmas morning, you can offer easy-to-grab food like muffins, donuts, and even cereal if you prefer.

* Overnight Casseroles – These are perfect for making everyone satisfied with breakfast, while not putting too much work on your schedule.

These ten recipes are simple to follow and delicious to eat, and you can choose from sweet or savory casseroles. Don’t be afraid to sub ingredients in these ideas if you don’t eat or like something in the recipe.

* Easy-to-Grab Food – Often the morning is full of opening presents and thinking about what you must do to get dinner ready. So, if you want to, you can make a variety of finger foods so that everyone can wake up and grab food as they will.

Muffins, individual quiches, oatmeal, cereals, and even pop tarts are fine for Christmas brunch. If you want to be creative, make cinnamon rolls in a Christmas tree-shaped pan and add red, green, gold and silver sprinklers.

* Christmas Ham – A great way to use that Christmas ham is for breakfast. You can provide rolls, the spiralized ham, chutney, and other toppings to enjoy with the ham.
Everyone can make their own. All you do is put out the ham and rolls and maybe some fruit, and let people grab and go at will.

* Breakfast Quiche – This is a great way to prepare breakfast fast and to fill people up.

You can make a quiche with all sorts of ingredients. You can also make mini-quiches if you have a lot of people with different dietary needs at breakfast - even vegans. Note: You can also buy prepared mini-quiche at Costco.

* Bread Pudding – You can make a breakfast bread pudding. Most of the time, you can start this overnight and then finish in the morning. Try this blueberry-pecan pancake bread pudding to brighten up your Christmas brunch breakfast.

* Go Out for Breakfast – That might seem strange, but you can make it super-easy by going out for breakfast. Yes, many places are open on Christmas for brunch.

You’ll have to call around for your area, but it can be fun to turn tradition on its ears and go out for breakfast and then even maybe go to a movie.

* Don’t Forget the Punch – A great thing to make for your Christmas brunch is a fun special punch just for grown-ups.

Martha Stewart has a great Bloody Mary punch recipe, but you can make any type of punch you want to that means Christmas to you.

Whatever you want to make for your Christmas brunch, and whether you make it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or even the day after, doesn’t matter. Enjoying yummy food with people you love is what it’s all about.