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Computer Video Games Mrr Ebook

Computer Video Games Mrr Ebook
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At this point, I would advise you to read the game's instruction manual offline before you attempt to start playing online. While this may seem basic, this simple precaution will keep you from seeing "RTFM" go scrolling across your screen. This is an acronym spewed forth at inexperienced game players who interrupt the game by asking questions like "What am I supposed to do?" and "What is this place?" That sort of thing can really tick off the serious gamers. This acronym means: "Read The Fxxxxx Manual".

Doing your homework before you begin playing will save a lot of wear and tear on the nervous system, both for you and other gamers. You can find all kinds of gaming information by searching the web for discussion groups dealing with your particular game. You should also be able to find FAQ's and walk-throughs, as well as Usenet news groups, about your chosen game.

You will want to find out how to play the game and create characters, gather equipment, as well as discovering some good ideas for strategies. Believe me, the other gamers will appreciate your effort to enter the game at running speed.

Besides just learning the rules of the online game, you can also become familiar with the games interface. You can find a series of screenshots of the game by searching the Internet. These screenshots will give you the opportunity to memorize where all the games controls are located. This way other gamers won't have to wait while you search for a message screen or inventory panel, when they are only to obvious to everyone else in the game.