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Content King Guru PLR Ebook

Content King Guru PLR Ebook
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The Content King Guru
When You Need A Lot of Content In A Short Amount of Time, This Is How You Get That Content Created!

Getting Started

In case the title of the book didn’t give you a hint, our focus is going to be on creating a lot of content in a short amount of time. There are a number of techniques that we’ll be using throughout the book to get your on your way to craft content creation and making some serious money!

Our primary concern is article creation. We’ll discuss the specifics and semantics of articles later on in this book but the short story is that articles are what fuel marketing power of your business. Articles can be transformed and combined into more advanced types of content; like the eBook you’re reading now. Articles can also be used for promotional purposes like backlinking blogs and sales pages.

In this book we’re going to cover a plethora of techniques for you to become a more efficient, more productive content creator. The “grand daddy”

of these techniques is called Speed Writing. Of all the techniques we’ll discuss this one will have the most bearing on your speed and production ability. We’ll also discuss when to do-it-yourself and when to outsource. Generally doing it yourself will save you tons of money while outsourcing will save you time; there are a lot of options and outcomes to weigh when deciding what is right for you.

The title of this book is How To Create Craploads of Content Fast so let’s not drag this intro out any longer, onto the eBook!

Quick Writing Techniques

Great copywriting is the cornerstone of Internet marketing. You can have the fanciest website with all the newest features and a million-dollar design but what ultimately sells your products and services is the actual content of your sales pages and advertising platforms. The higher the quality of your copy (and the more you produce) the better your traffic and sales will be. When you have tons of quality content you get better traffic, higher click-through rates, higher buy rates and better search engine results.

The question, however, is how can you create quality articles that grab peoples’ attention and are really high quality but do it FAST? Well, the trick is to have a system that you can follow time and time again to get your writing genius ready to roll like a fine-tuned machine. If you don’t prepare and have a well-developed system your writing is just going to turn into an unorganized mess that ends up going nowhere. So, to keep you disciplined and the keyboard humming, you should attempt to have a routine that can have you spinning articles quickly and effectively to draw the right kind of traffic and attention to your site.

Our Goal

When you sit down to write an article there is a process you have to follow: You need to research the market to find good topics, you have to narrow it down to a single topic, find the good keywords and then proceed to write the article. Then, if you are like most writers, you might do this again for each article you intend to submit to article directories or post on a website.

While that’s an effective approach it’s certainly quite time consuming and disjointed. Wouldn't it be better if you created a factory assembly line of writing that allowed you to focus on creating quality and high interest articles without so much constant back and forth? It definitely would and you definitely can. By following the steps in this book you should be able to:

? Identify and locate topics quickly – You will learn how to use an understanding of search engines to quickly identify highly sought after topics. You can either find high volume keywords that increase your traffic or high paying keywords that can add money to your marketing coffers.
? Research topics effectively – Find out which tools can speed your research efforts and make you a research speed demon!
? Generate multiple articles from one topic – You can learn how to create 10 to 30 articles from a single topic!
? Create Attention Grabbing Titles – Without a headliner that grabs a reader, the article may never be read. You will learn how to write titles that pull the reader in and stands out amongst other articles.
? Understand Proper Internet Article Structure For Your Topic – Understand how to write articles that are structured to be informational
while captivating. Know exactly what type of structure you will need to create just from the category of the article!
? Use The System To Do Multiple Projects At Once – Once you've got a system in place that you are using, the more you work with it the faster you get. Eventually, it will also help you to do two projects or more at once and not get lost as you switch from one to another. That's when you'll really be steaming through pages and pages with Speed Writing Olympic speed.

Aptitude is Necessary

Before you waste any time on techniques that won’t help you, let’s get something straight. If you are an Internet marketer and trying to save some money on copywriters, then you will have to learn Speed Writing. Otherwise, the cost to benefit of saving some money while spending inordinate amounts of time to create content for your websites and marketing efforts won't make any sense. You could easily save more money paying a top-notch copywriter to write your articles for you, if you're going to take too long to do your own. But, once you have this skill down, you can learn to write your own articles and save a whole lot of money. Even if you decide you don't want to implement Speed Writing in your Internet marketing skill set, you will know enough to be able to know what you can expect from great copywriters. We’ll discuss this more thoroughly in the next chapter.

And, when would these techniques come in hand?

Well, as an Internet marketer, your two goals are to bring in traffic to your site and to make sales. Either one of these actions puts money in your pocket, either through advertising or through closing a sale. So, all of the Speed Writing you do should go straight towards these two goals, even if they don't appear to be entirely connected.

Traffic-Oriented Content

Even if your website has excellent products, spectacular services and great offers, if you have no traffic it’s all going to waste; you won’t get much ad revenue or profit without any traffic. So, how to Internet marketers bring traffic to their sites? Typically, by writing copy on other sites that have a large audience and then directing them back to their site through a backlink.

One very popular way to do this is write multiple articles for article directories and submit them for free. These websites are heavily indexed by the major search engines and your article stands a good chance of appearing high up on the results page. Not only that, but they also serve the dual purpose of helping to define the author of these articles as an expert on a particular topic. As the author, you get to write up a brief explanation of your credentials with a backlink to a page that is not a devoted sales page. So, you can have a backlink back to an intermediary blog, a page on your website that does not promote a product, or even a sales page that isn't very obvious or you'll get banned.

These article directories have be a tried and proven way to create good levels of traffic from the number of people who are constantly searching the web for good content. If you use keyword techniques, you can even increase the chances that your articles will be at the top of the results page. However, who has time to write many different articles and then submit them all for free to different articles?