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Content Marketing Blueprint MRR Ebook With Audio

Content Marketing Blueprint MRR Ebook With Audio
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Content Marketing Report: A New Way to Think About Content That Will Transform Your Business

Content marketing has been the most important and powerful form of digital marketing for the last several years. According to market research, that is only set to continue as the savviest marketers and businesses are investing more than ever before into this practice.

So, what is content marketing and why is it such a big deal?

Essentially, content marketing means creating new content for your website or blog and then using this to grow your audience as well as build trust and authority.

The most obvious form of content marketing is written content. This will likely mean creating a blog post every week, every day or multiple times a day and then sharing it online through social media and other platforms.

This has many different benefits. On the one hand, content marketing is a perfect companion for SEO and social media marketing. Any SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) worth their salt, knows that Google runs on content. The very purpose of Google is to pair its visitors with the right entertainment and information. This is what we call content.

Thus, in order for Google to share your site with people, you need to ensure it is filled with content. Not only that, but you need to carefully utilize the right topics and search terms so that Google will know what your content is about and will be able to pair it with the right visitors.

Google is all about quality these days and if you can demonstrate that your site is a source for high quality information, then you’ll be much more likely to start gaining visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

At the same time, content is also going to help you a great deal to promote yourself on social media. People will follow you on social media because they want to be informed and entertained. Thus, if you share interesting content on your site, you’ll be able to promote those posts on Facebook and Twitter and thereby give your users a reason to keep following you.

But true content marketing doesn’t mean using content as a way to boost your SEO and social media. Rather, true content marketing means thinking of content as an ends in itself rather than a means. After all, the whole reason that content can boost your SEO and social media is that content has inherent value. Content is what people go online for in the first place!

Therefore, if you add content to your site, you are adding value to your site. And when you add value to your site, you give your visitors more reason to keep coming back.

More to the point though, you also demonstrate to your readers that you have the ability to entertain and inform them and that way you build trust. Thinking about your content in this way is the best way to ensure that you make the very most from it. But in this report, you’re going to discover how to take it ever further…

How Does Content Marketing Work Psychologically?

Content marketing – when done correctly – should work over time to gradually convince visitors to your site to become long-term fans who are loyal to your brand and who are excited to buy pretty much anything that you recommend. But how do they make this journey and what is the precise role that content has to play in the transition?

At first, your content is going to work simply to increase your visibility and to help you get discovered on Google and on social media. As mentioned already, content is what people search for and the more of it you have on your site, the more likely you are to get visitors.

So, someone might search for a topic related to the subject that you write about and then they might see one of your links in the SERPs. Perhaps they click this link and get taken to your page. What do they find here?

Hopefully, they will read your blog post or article and they will enjoy it. But don’t think that you’ve made a fan overnight. In all likelihood, they won’t even look at the name of your site or remember where they were when they read your post. After all, most of us are in a hurry and the thing that your audience wants most of all is to get the information they need and then leave.

But over time, there’s a good chance that they might discover your page again – especially if they regularly read about the niche that you are writing in. If they are impressed again, then they might be more likely to start recognizing your page next time.

And if this happens a couple of times, they’ll probably make a note of your brand and they’ll remember that this is a site they can trust and that shares information in way that they find entertaining and engaging.

Now, if that user does a Google search and they see a selection of sites offering the information they’re looking for, they might actually gravitate towards your blog. In fact, if this keeps happening and you are able to build enough trust and authority, then your visitors may actually start to type in your site and to search for the content they want.

Eventually, they might bookmark the page. And eventually they might decide to check it regularly to see what new content is there!

Suddenly, you have a fan. You have someone who really enjoys what you have to offer and who trusts you as a creator.

Now, if you promote a product to them or mention something you’re working on, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested. All that free content demonstrated just how much knowledge you have and how much you care about providing value. As a result, when you charge for something, the reader will think that it must be good.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a site all about website design. You provide lots of useful information here about visual hierarchy, about using Illustrator and Photoshop, about coding and about security. All these things are written so well and in such an engaging manner that even people with no interest in web design become regular readers.

Now imagine you have a fan who reads that site every day and one day they need a web designed for them. Where are they going to look first? Who would be their ideal choice for a well-designed website?

You guessed it!

Earning the Right to Sell

Providing free content is not just the way you are going to offer value and build trust though: it is also how you earn the right to sell to your audience.

This is the entire notion behind a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a sequence of interactions with a visitor that has been meticulously set up by a creator. The aim is to take that visitor from being a stranger (a cold lead) to being someone who is ready to spend lots of money.

And while you might not like it, Thai Lopez is a perfect example of this!

If you’ve ever been on YouTube in the past year, then there’s a good chance you’ve encountered Thai Lopez. He is an internet marketer who has spent copious amounts on advertising on YouTube and who therefore manages to appear at the start of hundreds of videos.