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Cpa Plr 5 Pack PLR Ebook

Cpa Plr 5 Pack PLR Ebook
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These gigs are a combination of article marketing and social bookmarking gigs and are enough to get your page ranked on the first page of Google.

The key to this method is to make sure your domain name is going to be getting a ton of searches and is keyword rich.

This strategy is good for simple zip submit CPA offers since you can set a bunch of these pages and leave them so they make you money on complete Autopilot.

In the next section I am going to share another powerful CPA method I use which is totally unrelated with this strategy.

This report is those 2 in one special reports so you are getting value for money Shall we continue with the next section? Fantastic!

CPA CD Cash Method

As the name suggests this method involves CDs and giving them away for FREE!

I bet you are probably shaking your head right now and wondering; "why the £$£$ would I want to give CDs away for free?"

The answer is simple - By giving something away for FREE you will be cashing in at the backend!

This method involves giving away FREE CDs to people who are looking for a "business opportunity" and want to quit their job.

Now I am sure you are aware but there are a ton of CPA offers for business opportunity that are paying up to $45-$50 to anyone who takes out a trial.

Here are some of the business opportunity CPA offers that are popular.

This CPA Offer pays just over $50.00 to anyone who signs up to this offer.

The person simply needs to enter their details and they are then taken to a sales page that looks like this (see below).

Here is another CPA offer for the business opportunity/work from home market. This one pays just over $40.00 and is aimed at people from the US.

This landing page is pretty attractive and all the person needs to do is enter their details in order to get their "business kit".

So how would one go about promoting these CPA offers using FREE CDs?

Again, the answer lies in PLR

Simply find a cheap PLR report on how to make money online - and simply copy and paste the first 2-3 pages of the article or e-book and create a PDF.

I have provided an example document PDF you can use for this method.

Here is a sample of my report that I am going to burn on my CD.

As you can see after the content I have included a CPA offer at the end of the short report that will take people to my CPA offer. Is this strategy clever or what?

As you can see I have made sure I have included a call to action feature at the end of the report. The people who are going to be grabbing this FREE CD are all wanting to quit their job so its best to direct them to a CPA offer that pays over $40-$50.00.

You would need just 2-3 sign ups a day to make $100-$200 a day from this strategy.

People spend lots of money on work from home products and they would want a way out from their day job.

You could even buy a PLR offer, rebrand it with your own graphics and direct people to your Paypal link and charge them $47.00 © Instant cash at your disposal! I suggest you burn the PDF onto CD. Burning your PDF is straight forward. All you need is CD Burning software.

You will also need to burn your PDF onto some cheap CDs. You can buy a ton of cheap blank CDs from eBay for as little as $9.99.

Once you have burnt your PDF onto your CD the next thing you need to do is find places online where you can advertise your FREE Cds.