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Create Childhood Confidence MRR Ebook

Create Childhood Confidence MRR Ebook
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Chapter 6: Take an Interest In Your Child’s Life And Provide Opportunities For Positive Growth


While your child is growing it is extremely important for you to be actively involved in their life and provide opportunities for growth if you want them to be full of confidence and be successful. Spending time with your child is really all that this step requires. Do some activities with your child that they enjoy and use this time to learn more about your child’s life. The more you know about what is going on in your child’s life the better you will be able to help them in building their confidence.

The following chapter will provide you with some helpful hints for being involved in your child’s life and opening up opportunities for them.

Be Involved

It is important that as a parent you make sure to be involved in your child’s life. This does not mean when it is convenient for you, it means at all times, even when difficult. You may have to do things you are not interested in or attend events that you may find boring. It does not matter, you need to be involved. Being involved in your child’s life shows them that you truly care for them and at the same time builds their self-worth and self-confidence.

You need to ask your child questions about their life and about how they feel everything is going for them. You need to try to figure out the areas where you can help them to build their confidence and open new opportunities for them during these discussions. A great time to do this would be during dinner, with the family eating as a whole at the dining room table and not in front of the TV on the couch. While it is important to get out and do things that you child is interested in while trying to be more involved with their life, you need to set specific family times that the entire family spends time as a whole. This greatly nurtures the health of a family relationship and makes your child more likely to open up to you about their life. If your child is open with you they will tell you what is holding their confidence back which allows you to help them gain their confidence back and be successful.

You need to take extra care to not pry into your child life to deeply. Trying to be too involved in your child’s life might make your child feel as if you are invading their life or trying to control it. You must keep in mind that it is their life and although you may not agree with some of their decisions, you have to let them learn on their own. Having a healthy amount on involvement without trying to invade your child’s life is a perfect recipe for a happy family and a confident child.

Chapter 7: Why It Is Important To Provide Responsibilities


Responsibilities in life are very important for a child, especially when it comes to building their confidence. You must be realistic with the responsibilities you set for your child because you do not want to doom them to failure. Setting responsibilities that are too difficult may result in failure which will further lower your child’s confidence. On the other hand, a child who performs their responsibilities correctly will be granted better self-confidence.

The following chapter will give you some ideas on where to start when it comes to setting responsibilities for your child.

Set Responsibilities, Be Realistic

While setting responsibilities for your child, it is extremely important that you set realistic responsibilities. It is advised that you start with simple responsibilities and work up toward the larger ones once the smaller ones can be executed with minimal effort.

The ideal basic responsibilities to start off with for children would be tasks such as cleaning their room and making their bed. After they can handle this on a daily basis, you may want to begin adding additional responsibilities such as doing the dishes a few times a week or vacuuming the carpet.

As a child gets older and can handle more responsibility, it is time to make their responsibilities more difficult. One idea that may be suitable is getting your child a pet. Something smaller than a dog is advised because most people do not realize how much care a dog really needs. It may be better to start off with an animal such as a hamster or some fish. The act of having to feed this animal daily, while taking care of its other needs, will help your child to become more responsible. Properly completing their responsibilities will also create more self-confidence for them since they will see they are capable of doing challenging things.

Instilling responsibilities into your child’s daily life will be a challenge at first, but with determination and effort it will be effective in boosting your child’s confidence.

Chapter 8: The Disadvantages of Poor Self Confidence


A child with poor self-confidence will almost certainly have a much more challenging life than that of a confident child. Having good confidence causes a person to have certain traits in their character while having low self-confidence creates negative traits in people’s characters.

The following chapter will give you a few examples of the countless disadvantages that low confidence can have on your child’s life.

The Dangers of Low Self-Confidence

There are many different disadvantages that come with having low confidence levels. These disadvantages can have a huge negative impact on a person’s current life as well as their future. That is why it is so important to instill high levels of confidence into your child, even from very early ages.

Some examples of the negative impacts low self-confidence can have on a child are as follows:

Scared to Try New Things:

If your child has low levels of self-confidence they will likely find it difficult to try new things. The fear of failure will take them over, time and time again. This fear will stop them dead in their tracks every time they think of trying to do something new.

Bad Social Impacts:

If your child suffers from low self-confidence they will likely experience difficulty with their social life in the future. A task as simple as approaching someone to say hello can feel impossible if a person has low self-confidence. In order to be able to speak to other people and keep your head held high you much have good self-confidence.