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Creating Live Demonstrations PLR Ebook

Creating Live Demonstrations PLR Ebook
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Live demos or demonstration videos are as simple as they sound but can be complicated to master. They are live demonstrations of a product or service you or a company provides. It provides an opportunity to showcase exactly how a product or service works, or can solve a problem for someone else.

Live demos can easily be the reason why some companies are beyond successful and others are not. Remember, the primary purpose of hosting live product demonstrations is to close a sale and, in turn, generate more revenue for the company or you.

A live demo funnel can help to achieve more qualified sales and leads. This is because you are showing the potential customer more than just words. People love to see proof and feel more comfortable purchasing if they see it. Just like the common phrase goes, "seeing is believing," and live demos do just that.

Why Bother Creating Live Demos?

Even if the product may seem straightforward to you, it is always a good idea to create live demos that properly showcase and demonstrate your product or service. A correctly done live demo is informative, educational, and also memorable. While live events may seem like a lot of work, these events provide loads of benefits.

These benefits include:

Increased Audience Relationships – Live demos give you a chance to engage with your audience in a way that other content can't accomplish. It's your chance to demonstrate why your product is the best and can help solve a problem your audience may be having. You get to engage and educate your audience at the same time by answering any questions they may have and by showing them how to use the product correctly.

Increased Sales – Successful live demos generate more sales. This is because live demos provide the opportunity to show possible customers exactly why they need your product. If you can successfully show people how your product solves their problem, you will generate more sales. You can't expect people to know your product can help without showing them first.

Increased Product Reliability, Proof, and Trust – Live demos show your audience that your product works and performs the way you promised it would. Having someone else demonstrate the product goes even further to gain their trust. If anyone can use your product as you say they can, people will believe you. That's because any business can easily claim it is the best product or service, but real physical and tangible proof is what people need to make the sale.

Enhanced Marketing Material – Visual content is what everybody craves these days, and recording your live product demos is yet another great way to share and market your products. They can be repurposed into YouTube videos or even Facebook Ads. They also provide an excellent resource for your sales team to share with potential customers over and over again without having to rely solely on verbal communication. Again, customers love seeing the proof and live demos is precisely how you achieve this.

As you can see, live demos generate benefits that can't be ignored or overlooked. The more you can engage, educate, and increase trust within your audience, the more successful you will be. With these benefits, any company that chooses not to do live demos must have even better reasons or are missing the mark.

Which Products and Services Work Best for Live Demos?

Live demos can work for just about any product or service-based company. Even restaurants, consulting firms, brick-n-mortar stores, and more can benefit from adding live demonstration videos to their marketing plan.

This is because people love visual content and seeing products or services in action before they buy them. They want to see that what you are telling them is true. Even better, they want to see other people with the same problem use it and see how it benefits them. The only way live demonstrations wouldn't benefit your company is if your audience rarely uses the internet or technology.

Consulting firms can benefit by going live on a social media platform to explain how they solve typical customers' problems or how their customers are currently benefiting from their services.

However, if customers are typically older or dislike using technology, it is unlikely to benefit you. In other words, like everything you need to do, success with live events has more to do with your audience than your product or service itself.

While any company can benefit from live demos, the following types work best:

E-Commerce – E-commerce businesses don't have the same "drive by traffic" opportunities that brick-n-mortar companies can rely on. E-commerce companies are parked on the internet and require a search engine and specific keywords to find their business or products. Live demos showcasing and educating people on their products is a great way to get their business known and shown worldwide.

Software – Software companies cannot rely on or be successful without live demos these days. Most software companies also offer free trial offers so customers can get a hands-on approach. The majority of software applications are too tricky to explain and sample using words, and many would get bored or get confused before they finished reading it.