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Dealing With Impotence Naturally Mrr Ebook

Dealing With Impotence Naturally Mrr Ebook
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Although there are many different causes of Erectile Dysfunction, the main reason that any man who is suffering from impotence has a problem is because of expansion of the blood capillaries in the penis insufficient to allow an erection to occur or be maintained.

On the other hand, nitric oxide is a molecule known to play a leading role in various vascular functions of the body, including having the ability to relax blood vessels and muscles. It also inhibits blood platelet clumping, which in turn makes the blood thinner and more free flowing.

By altering or enhancing the actions of nitric oxide in the body, both drugs and natural impotence solutions enable the sufferer to achieve and maintain erections once again.

However, they do so in different ways, and the effects are therefore also believed to be different. For example, Viagra allows more nitric oxide to be retained by the body, by attacking an enzyme known as PDE5, which itself is responsible for destroying nitric oxide.

Natural impotence cures work in a slightly different way (as you will read later). However, the way a drug based impotence treatment like Viagra achieves the results that it does has a significant downside.

That is, while it is sometimes suggested that natural impotence cures enhance the whole sexual experience, including increasing the libido, increasing stamina and enhancing genital stimulation, drugs do none of these things. Viagra improves an individual’s physical ability to indulge in intercourse but has no effect on the desire to do so or on any other aspect of the sexual experience.

As far as I am aware, there have been no clinical trials of this theory, and it is therefore very difficult to give a definitive answer as to whether this is fact or not, but there do seem to be enough impotence sufferers who make this claim for it to have some validity.

Being a proponent of natural impotence cures, I would obviously recommend that you ‘test’ this theory for yourself by trying natural treatments before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs with their acknowledged adverse side-effects.