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Ditto: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Content Personal Use Ebook

Ditto: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Content Personal Use Ebook
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Ebook Sample Content Preview:

This is a great way to reuse an article but it will include rewriting parts of the content as well. When writing a press release you do not want your release to be a sales pitch. Instead it needs to provide news.

When writing your press release it is perfectly acceptable to use strong words and always write in the active voice. This brings your press release to life and engages the reader immediately. Keep your press release fairly short and make it concise. The following are some great topic ideas for creating your press release.

Announcing a new feature or product

Hosting or participating in an event

Sharing results from a survey

Announcing any new changes in your business

Guest Post Material

You can use any of your articles and reports and use them for guest post material. When it comes to writing a guest post most blog owners require that you use original content that hasn’t been published anywhere else.

This can be easily done by taking several of your articles and then rewriting them into one new guest post. Just take all the main points from each article and combine them. Include a new image and a link back to your main blog and your guest post is written.

You will have created a new original article without having to do a ton of research. Repeat this process as many times as possible so you can publish lots of guest posts on related websites. This helps your business by giving you additional exposure, back links and traffic back to your own site.

Research & Outline Material

With this method you are simply going to take the basic article or report and expand on it. This method is perfect for using with PLR content to expand it and make it unique to your own site.

PLR content is great for using as an outline for a new article, report or to create your own products with. Just use the base material and then perform some additional research to find more content.

For example say your PLR content is about dieting. Look for health related news and sites to see what new developments or trends are happening. Then include these in your report or product.

This allows you to take your dieting material and turn it into a highly relevant product. Think about when Acai Berries were popular or right now with the Juicing niche. By doing this you are also finding a target market at the same time. Your product will be targeted to those people looking to buy the latest diet trend. This in turn will help you get more sales once your product is released.

Mind Maps

People love visual aids and depending upon your niche and the content you can easily create a Mind map with your content. There are several Mindmaps software available, just do an internet search and download a program. Some of these will be paid software but you can still download free ones as well.

Social Media Content

We wanted to expand on using your content for social media. Today social media is becoming a huge factor for anyone who wants to have an online presence. The downside to using social media is that you need to add content regularly. Once you stop posting people will forget who you are.

You can reuse any of your articles or blog posts and turn them into social media content. Simply take a paragraph or two from each blog post and post it to your social sites. Make sure you add images as this will encourage people to share your content.

With Facebook marketing you can schedule content on your Fan Pages in advance. Try to add a heading that is a little controversial as this will help attract attention to your posts. You can also use a program such as Paint dot net and add a few words with the text feature.

For Twitter reuse your content by condensing sentences so that they ask questions or make comments. Short and sweet will work effectively here and you can schedule Tweets with programs such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

Don't forget to add images and graphics to your content and then post your images to Pinterest.

Using Your Content in Forums

Another way to reuse your content is by using the content to answer questions in forums and to answer questions left on your blog or on your social pages. If you are answering questions on sites such as Yahoo Answers then you can leave longer replies. Quora is a great question and answer site that you can use to build up your branding and showcase your expertise.

On other sites just leave a short paragraph and then suggest to the reader to read the rest of your article on your website.

When joining any type of forum always read the guidelines and abide by them. Showing your credibility on a forum can provide you with tons of exposure, but this method does take time to build upon. You definitely don’t want to rush in and start dropping links and sales pitches all over the place.

Instead you want to join in various discussions and help people by answering questions and offering advice. In time you will become known as an expert in your niche. Use your article content to draft informative replies to questions. You may even be able to offer one of your free reports to members.

Quick Rewriting Tips

While we have mainly discussed reusing your content in this report we also wanted to give you a few rewriting tips. Again these tips apply to any type of content but are particularly useful when it comes to customizing PLR content.

When changing content one of the easiest ways to make your content different is by changing up some of the words. This is easy to do in Word or Open Office. Just highlight the word you would like to change and then right click your mouse. Choose Synonyms and a new list will appear. Make your selection and your choice is automatically placed into the content. Use the Thesaurus to find additional word replacements for your content.

Adding your personality to any piece of content will immediately render it as ‘your content’.

While you do not need to rewrite the entire article or report you should add a couple of additional paragraphs.