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Easy List Building System MRR Ebook

Easy List Building System MRR Ebook
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The Click Banking Method

This is the fastest and cheapest method to build your list. And in this method, you can literally double your list building speed. In case you don’t know what click banking is, in simple words, you find other marketers in the niche you're working in and trade certain amounts of clicks with them.

For Example, “I will send you 50 clicks or 100 clicks over the course of this month. And what you will do, is return those clicks all at once after I’m done.”

How to Find Click Banking Partners

Finding click banking partner is very easy. Just head over to Facebook and find all the groups related to list building. Usually people in these groups are used to solo ads, but you can find click banking partners just by posting a Simple status “ hi guys, I am looking for click banking partners. I have no issue delivering clicks first”.

Download Page Method

A download page is the page where your subscribers land after they receive their download link and looking to download their free report.

On this page, you can put your affiliate link to the product you're promoting. And you can include the link of your click banking partner. That’s a great place to get clicks for your click banking partner.
Guest Blog Posting Method

In this method, find 15 to 20 top blogs with high traffic and then ask their owners if they are accepting sponsored posts, which you're happy to pay them for.

That’s the best and cheapest method I have been using over the years to get laser targeted subscribers. If you use this method, you can easily get around 15 to 20 cents, per subscribers.

For example, head over to Google and type in “weight loss blogs” and start making a list of blogs, which have top ranking. After you sort out 30 to 40 blogs, head over to Alexa and check the traffic reports and list the blogs with high traffic. Start sending emails to their admin.

You'll need to pay between $40 and $50 per sponsored post. And if you choose the right blog, you will be ending up with about 150 to 200 subscribers in no time.

There are chances that you may fail on your first attempt because, finding the right quality blog with traffic is a bit of a difficult task. But, once you find a good blog, then you can extend the sponsored post to get even more subscribers.

The OPL Method

OPL stands for Other People’s Lists. In this method, you will reach out to list owners, who are already working in a niche with a big list. Ask them if they will send your ad to their entire list of subscribers. And of course, you will be happy to pay in return.

This method is different from buying clicks from solo advendors. In solo ads, you simply contact the Solo Ads Providers and get a certain amount of clicks, but the quality of clicks are not as good. The vendor is not only selling you clicks, but he or she is also selling solo ads to other people.

So if you get subscribers, who are also choosing to optin to other marketers' lists, and they are receiving daily emails from those marketers, then your click through rate decreases.

Instead, look for marketers who have been building their lists for their own marketing purpose and they are not regularly selling solo ad clicks.

Here is how I find out people with big lists. Just head over to Google and type your “keyword+newsletter” or your “keyword+ezine”.

For example: “Weightloss newsletters” or “Weightloss ezine”

Then find 40 to 50 blogs who are using optin forms on their website. Send an email to each blog owner and ask if you can buy a solo ad from them.

If they say “Yes” or “Maybe”, then tell them about your offer and ask how many clicks do they get per mailing and how much they would charge to send your offer to their list.

And then wait for couple of days. You will be receiving emails from blog owners with statistics. Buy a solo ad from a list owner who has a minimum of 3,0000 subscribers. I usually pay $100 to $150 for sending my advertisement to their complete list.

In this way, you're buying traffic, which is 100% super laser targeted, because they optin to a form related to a certain niche. And you're working in that niche, so you will get a minimum of around 1% subscribers (30,000 * .01 = 300).

See, you're getting 50 cent per subscriber and if you buy you will be paying somewhere around 35 to 45 cent per click.

The Free WSO Method

Launching a free WSO will literally double the speed of building list. The only downside is, you have to pay 40$ to launch a free WSO. But, you can get hundreds of subscribers day in and day out. Literally, you will get 1,000s of free subscribers every day.

If you're launching a free WSO, you don’t need a 15 or 20 page report. You can compile a 5 page report and offer it as a gift. Just create a simple sales copy and launch your free WSO. You don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer or html expert to really come up with an amazing sale page.

Just search the Warrior Forum and see what other people are doing. Try to copy their sales page, but write it in your own wording and that’s it!