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Ego Evolution MRR Ebook

Ego Evolution MRR Ebook
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It is important for us all to ensure that our egos are strong and healthy. Our ego is our identity. It is who we believe ourselves to be and as such is a reference point and our “home in the world.” The ego is individuality. As our identity it sets us apart from other people’s identity. Get your ego in order here.

Ego Evolution

The Reasons Behind And The Plan To Build A Healthy Ego

Chapter 1: Ego Basics- Why You Need To Develop Your Ego

The ego is the centre of consciousness and is the “eye” through which we perceive the world. Our decision making is determined by our ego and it implements our will. The ego can be seen as an interface between the human world of society and individuals.

The Basics

Very importantly the ego is a sentry. It analyses situations as threatening or beneficial. It reacts to insults, damage to what it sees as its own symbols or challenges to its circumstances.

It is necessary for us all to work to strengthen our egos and by doing so develop a sense of individuality, independence, self esteem, assertiveness, presence and values.

Egos give us convictions of our opinions and perspectives specific tastes and preferences. People in possession of those qualities have egos which can be termed well developed, well defined or “strong.”

A well developed ego is beneficial in many ways. Individuals with healthy egos approach other people from a position of strength and vigor rather than from neediness or emptiness.

Such people can easily forge positive relationships with others. Well developed egos allow individual to behave consistently and be stable and trustworthy. People with well developed egos are not easily swayed by people who try to persuade them with their opinions.

Developing a healthy ego means that a person has an effective persona and appears confident, in control and trustworthy.

Chapter 2: Work On Honesty

Honesty is a key ingredient in developing trust. Trust is a key element in establishing credibility. Our credibility is at the centre of our ability to influence others and provide strong leadership.


To be honest is to be real, genuine bona fide and authentic. Honesty gives our business dealing openness, reliability and imparts our values to others.

It is important to work on our honesty to establish credibility in our relationships with others. To do this we must become more transparent.

Organizations are essentially a collection of relationships and honesty is one of the most obvious and neglected to improving relationships and self awareness.
In the workplace when people choose to be more honest with others the morale and productivity of the whole team improves in the process. Telling the truth is probably the single most cost effective and single way to productivity and employee satisfaction.

Being dishonest is generally the result of an individual fearing the consequences of telling the truth. Individuals are not up front when they are afraid.
Establishing ground rules in work place situations and being prepared to listen to reasons as to why something was said, not said or done encourages staff to be honest. Honest explanations will then be more forthcoming as to why a certain deadline was not met.

Developing a written code of business ethics is most helpful when working to develop honesty.

Such a code will guide all decision making and actions. An individual’s reputation and track record for ethical behaviors and integrity are vital for establishing the trust that is the basis for all successful relationships that are held including those with customers, employees and the community.

The old adage of honesty being the best policy is most certainly true in all workplace situations. It allows for a more positive work environment and will help to retain customers and gain others.