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Eight Simple Methods To Make Money Online Personal Use Ebook

Eight Simple Methods To Make Money Online Personal Use Ebook
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How to Sign Up

Click here and register to become a Clickworker. Then you will be provided with all the information and training you need to get started earning money right away.

Why I Recommend Clickworker

Compared to some other task job sites, Clickworker seems to pay more frequently and they offer competitive rates. This is another great website to add to your work at home arsenal!

Method #5 – Slicethepie

Slicethepie is an entirely new way to make money on the Internet. I think it’s also one of the most exciting! At Slicethepie, you get paid to listen to music. Yes, that’s right. You grab your headphones and jam out for a while, then get paid. Pretty awesome, right?

Here’s how it works. Slicethepie allows music artists to upload their stuff to get honest feedback from real music fans. When you work for Slicethepie, you become a “scout”.

Your job as a scout is to choose a track, listen, rate it, and write reviews. The music artists that rate at the top are part of the Slicethepie Showcase and you have the option to become a supporter. If you do, you get all kinds of free music and merchandise.

How Do I Make Money on Slicethepie?

You are paid in exchange for listening and rating music. You are required to listen to at least 90 seconds of the song before you can stop it and write a review. If your review is longer and more detailed, you will earn more.

Payment rates are determined by your rank, experience, and quality. Every review has a base payment, which increases as you go up in rank. You can also receive bonus payments on top of the base pay for writing a really amazing review.

You rate each song on a scale from 1-10 and then write a review. If you are a new user, your base pay will start at about .02 cent per review. Of course, it’s pretty easy to rake in an extra .04 - .05 in bonus pay in you do a decent job on the feedback you give.

If you use this every day to listen to music while you clean the house, wash the car, or do other tasks online, you can make some decent money. Keep the music going in the background and then click over to write a review when each song finishes. You can earn money while you’re checking your email or just wasting time on Facebook.

To power up your earning potential, listen to Slicethepie tunes while you do tasks for one of the other methods listed in this book. You can work two jobs at once and get double the income!