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Essential Oils PLR Article

Essential Oils PLR Article
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Essential oil, the concentrated aromatic essence extracted from a plant, could be called the plant's psyche, or its personality plus physicality. Essential oil is sometimes called the 'soul' of an aromatic plant. This life-force substance is commonly more thin and watery than oily, making the name somewhat of a misnomer.

Consistency aside, essences are highly concentrated and extremely volatile, often containing hundreds of organic components, sometimes only a few. Essential oils include a variety of hormones, vitamins and chemicals needed to perform various plant functions.

A flower's essence, for example, attracts insects for pollination. In a shrub or tree, the essential oil becomes resin to heal wounds from severe weather damage. Essential oil regulates the water content in a plant and prevents evaporation. Or, a plant might produce chemicals to deter predators and warn other plants and trees.

Often a plant produces a toxic substance against bacteria, virus or fungus. The essential oils of these highly complex organisms of the plant kingdom are one of nature's many gifts to human beings. They've been used to freshen the atmosphere, enrich the food, and heal whatever ails the body, mind or spirit of mankind.

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