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Explosive Traffic System Give Away Rights Ebook

Explosive Traffic System Give Away Rights Ebook
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Step 4 - The Strategy For Forum Marketing That Gets Me 10 Subscribers Per Day

I think forum marketing is like anything else. You have to create a schedule and stick to it each day to get subscribers/sales.

I regularly get on average 10 subscribers per day just for spending an hour each day posting on forums in my niche market.

Here's what I do everyday in one of my niche markets:

1. Create a list of 5 high trafficked forums (you can search for these by doing a keyword run through on Google)

2. Create a really 'stand out' signature file so it gets more click throughs (Provide a really compelling benefit in your signature, then have a call-to-action, for example Click Here To Get Your Free Report! Or Click Here To Discover The Secrets Right Now!)

3. Spend an hour a day posting at these forums

Here are some tips for posting effectively on forums to receive clickthroughs to your website:

Be informative and interesting. Don't spam the forums with one-liner posts as you'll be banned pretty quickly or viewed as merely an advertiser. Become seen as a helpful information provider

Be positive. People naturally gravitate to positive people, so don't be negative in your posts. Positive sounding posts often get better results.

Don't get involved in petty arguments on forums. They are a waste of time and energy, so don't be involved in them!

This strategy gets me roughly about 10 subscribers every day, which is a pretty cool average of 300 subscribers per month!

Step 5 - 3 Keys To Explosive Social Bookmarking Traffic

One of the most ignored (and most innovative) ways to drive traffic to your website is from social bookmarking. Although other methods of driving traffic can be highly-effective, social bookmarking is a new way to generate highly-targeted traffic. In this article, you'll discover 3 steps that will take you to the profit zone with social bookmarking:

Key #1: Keep the content your site updated, constantly. This encourages your visitors to return, and if they like your content, they will bookmark your site. The better the quality of your content, the more loyal your visitors will be.

Key #2: Write your tag. The words in your tag are extremely important because it will be the first contact your potential visitors will have with your website before they even visit it. Include your best keywords as well, because they will have a great effect on your search engine optimization.

Key #3: Once you have started to receive traffic from your social bookmarking efforts, you can sell advertising space on your website to advertisers. This is a great way to earn a lucrative and residual income from your website. Do remember to keep your website constantly updated though, so that your visitors will keep coming back for more.

Social bookmarking works because the bookmarks are created by people instead of a software. This gives users a more unique (and informative) experience. And it's what will keep them coming back to social bookmarking sites for more. Do use social bookmarking to drive traffic to your site, the increased traffic will be very well worth it!

Step 6 - 'Plunder' Traffic From Massive Social Networking Sites!

One way to get tons of free traffic to your website would be to build a strong social networking presence at sites such as Facebook and MySpace. These sites are among the top 5-10 most visited sites on the planet; that's a lot of traffic to tap into that you shouldn't be missing out on!

So here's how to 'siphon' traffic from massive social networking sites with minimal effort:

1. Build A Big, Targeted Friends List

Search for people who have related interests to your business and may become potential customers. This is easy to do with the search parameters you can set on Facebook and MySpace. Then simply start adding people to your friends list!

2. Create An Interesting Blog

Create a blog at MySpace and regularly post to it. Post up videos on it, stories and generally post quality information on the topic you work with. You will develop a rabid following for your blog in no time and your friends will be looking forward to your every posting! At the end of every posting, always place a short blurb with a link back to your website.

3. Post Bulletins To Your List

Whenever you have any developments in your business, such as a new blog post, a new video or a new product, send a bulletin to your list to let them know about it! The key with social networking is in building a responsive list that comes to look forward to receiving your information.