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Fast Offline Profits Resale Rights Ebook

Fast Offline Profits Resale Rights Ebook
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When going through a city and choosing the niche of the business, I would highly recommend making sure that the business also has all their information on the site. These are people who know about the power of the Internet. If the business does not technically "own" their yelp page, then clearly.

Obviously, yelp is just one place to go to. There are many other sites like TripAdvisor that's great too. The reason why I like them is that the businesses usually know their company is up there, so obviously they understand why the Internet is helpful for them.

Those who are on tripadvisor are usually also very focused on their marketing, so consider focusing on these people.

Those who are advertising on Yelp as well and any other program where they are PAYING FOR ADVERTISING are really ready to work with people like you.

Just wanted you to know that this WSO doesn't end here. I will be giving you another new strategy of mine to help get you on the right track to financial offline marketing freedom. Combining the above technique with this one below will only work well for you in the long run.

Stick To Marketing With Video Presentations Video presentations

As much as writing emails can be effective, sometimes videos are so much more powerful for businesses to enjoy using.

Video presentations are always helpful for bringing the customers in.

Fiverr is a great place to be for trying to accomplish this.

So you know how there are people who constantly sell online review videos of products?

Well, we'll be using these people for this job.

No, we won't be using them at all to give you reviews for your website or anything, but I will be giving you a simple little trick to use them effectively.

I would hire these people to make a quick video talking about how they are in business with me, and since their videos are so professional, usually it works out in the end oin having the businesses trust me as their business marketing professional.

The reason why I like this simple trick is because it WORKS.

Here's the steps to doing it the right way:

1) Message a Fiverr seller that does video reviews

Send them a message saying the following:

"Would it be possible if you could do a video for me basically being my business partner to get business owners to potentially pay for my business marketing strategies?

'Hey, so my business partner (your name here) just sent you this video. We found your business on Yelp, and we're basically marketing consultants. We focus on doing mainly (insert your services here), and we know that businesses like you are always on the lookout for more clients, and we can help make that happen. Please send us an email at (your email).'

Let me know if that's possible."

I'm sure you could create a better script than that, but something along the lines of the above message and script should be what you are going after.

Some Fiverr sellers won't allow you to have 100 words or more. The maximum is usually just 100 words or less. So keep this in mind when wording your script.

I know some of you are asking, 'why don't we just make the video?' Well, honestly, your video may not be as professional or seem as somewhat personal the way some of these review people can. These people know how to "act", and they can be great at conveying messages in a short period of time.

The next step is uploading the video and keeping it unlisted.

Upload the video on YouTube, make the title ’’Business video” (make it seem like you just uploaded it) and send it out to like 20 businesses. You'll be getting phone calls or emails, whatever you choose very quickly almost within hours if you're lucky.

The goal is to make the video have practically NO VIEWS, so that business owners see it and feel like the video was sent specifically TO THEM.

Reupload the video again if it's getting a lot of views. Keep it unlisted/private to avoid others seeing it and having it get racked up in views.

You could also make each video targeted, so you'll have the guy say "we found your restaurant" in the video so that you send out that specific video to only restaurants.

This is very exciting when you realize the amounts of videos you could make, and the best part is that you could always pay $5 and consistently bring in more clients this way.

Where do I begin?

You're probably thinking, where do I start?

You want to make that kindle eBook, get it published, and start sending it out to business owners.

And if you want to spend a quick $5 on the second technique I taught you, do it and combine it with the above. You could send people to your YouTube video, and then tell people to read your eBook after watching the video. The ideas and combinations of this method are endless.


Outsourcing is probably one of the most important to do, but it doesn't have to be so difficult to accomplish.

You could just head down to the Warriors for hire section, and you'll find all kinds of different services.

Of course, you could always go to a site like oDesk.

At first, don't sell anything that requires too much work on your part if you need to outsource it.

For example, selling SEO p at first is great because all you have to do is find an SEO provider on the Warriors For Hire Section, and pay them anywhere between $50-$ 100 per client of yours while you charge the client $300-$700 for SEO.

Closing The Sale

I would say closing the sale is among one of the hardest parts of this industry. It's hard to lose a client after speaking to them for days or even weeks, only to have them disappear and work with somebody more "qualified" than you.

Closing the sale for me is usually the second hardest part with the difficult part of it all being to get their attention. To get a business to even REPLY to your email or pick up that phone to call you is usually the one thing that decides whether you have a prospect or not. But making that sale can still be just as challenging.