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FBA Domination Mrr Ebook With Video

FBA Domination Mrr Ebook With Video
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Amazon’s Customer Service

Amazon is a master of internet commerce and has set the bar very high for their customers, vendors and owners. Customer service is critical for them and we are tapping into this using Fulfillment by Amazon. You as the product seller no longer have to deal with the customer service after the sale. You simply keep sending more products to Amazon and they take care of the rest.

Amazon applies the “drop- ship” methodology where they collect the products from the sellers and store them in there fulfillment units until an order is placed. Once an order is received, Amazon pacages and ships your item to ths customer. This is virtually “hands off” on your part once Amazon receives your products.

Types of products sold on Amazon

So, what types of products should you sell on Amazon? Take a look at Amazon’s site and anything there now is something you should consider.

I have sold many different products on Amazon. The list below includes some of the very best products to sell:

Music: Audio CDs and cassettes having all kinds of music.

Movies: Video CDs and DVDs available providing wide collection of pictures and films.

Books: Collection of books on all topics.

Computer and video gaming applications.


Ink and toner cartridges.

Tools and hardware units for all purpose usage.

Camera and accessories.

All kitchen and house-ware related items.

Software: Various applications (New Unopened in Box)


Sports and outdoor adventure related products.

Office products. (P aper, staplers etc)

Baby products like toys etc.

Mobile phones and accessories

Watches of all types.

All types of musical instruments.

Labeling used for product preparation

Amazon will add the barcode labels to your products for you for a small fee. If you want to do this yourself and save a little money, here are the Amazon guidelines:

The label consists of the barcode of the item which has the Amazon ASIN number. The ASIN is automatically created by Amazon, it is basically their product number. The labels you can use are indicated below:

21-up labels 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm on A4

24-up labels 63.5 mm x 33.9 mm on A4

24-up labels 64.6 mm x 33.8 mm on A4

24-up labels 66.0 mm x 33.9 mm on A4

24-up labels 70.0 mm x 36.0 mm on A4

24-up labels 70.0 mm x 37.0 mm on A4

27-up labels 63.5 mm x 29.6 mm on A4

30- up labels 1" x 2 5/8" on US Letter

You should make sure the labels print clearly so they can be scanned with the Amazon barcode reader: no smudges and clearly readable.

Pricing for Maximum Exposure

When you start looking at products to sell on Amazon, the price you can sell them for must be in the front of your mind. You may find items around your house you want to sell and the profit could be higher. Maybe it has been buried in a closet somewhere and you are finally “cleaning house”.

Well, using FBA, you can source some very affordable products with high sales prices. This is the essence of “arbitrage”. Let’s look at some tools you can use before we look at where to get these products.

Us ing the Profit calculator: Amazon has an area on their Seller’s website where you can see what the current Amazon fees are for any product in their system. Simply enter your product and the price you want to set it at and it will calculate the fees Amazon will charge. Once you see your bottom line income, you cn look at what prices to buy at.

I know this thinking might be a little backwards, but it works for me. Say I find a widget I can sell on Amazon for $100 and I see I will make $88 after the fees. If I can buy that product for $50, that means I can make a profit of $38. That is a product I would likely buy. So, where can you find these lower priced products? ALL OVER THE PLACE.

My favorite places are Deal A Day Websites and local non-profit Retail Centers like Goodwill and The Salvation Army. What is a Deal A Day Website? It is a site where there is 1 Deal per day that is a huge value. I have seen these sites have Dyson vacuums sell for $200 each and you can buy up to 3 at this price. Looking at Amazon, even refurbished Dyson vacuums sell for $299 to $399 depending on the model. That means a profit of close to $100-$200 per vacuum.