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Fire It Up Again MRR Ebook

Fire It Up Again MRR Ebook
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Bring Out The Romantic In Him

Some men just aren’t in tune with their romantic side. Fortunately, most men can be taught, given the right attitude. Proceed carefully and don't ever pressure your man into romance. Here are some initial tips:

The golden rule is to lead by example.

Remember, you want your man to take the lead, but, on his terms, not yours. Start by pampering him. Do what he likes to do best -- even if that is drinking with the chums, playing a video game, or just watching TV on a Saturday night.

Doing this, a spicy ending to any of these activities will be much more favorable for him. Afterwards, show him you'd appreciate similar attention towards you, and eventually he'll get the bigger picture.

Take charge of a great night out with your man.

Plan an entire night on the town and then let your man just come along for the ride. Women need to appreciate just how difficult it can be for the man to always be the one to find creative and fun things to do.

It can be very romantic for the man when his lady takes charge in this way, finding a new restaurant and activity for them to enjoy. The man can find this very exciting and will be open to romance afterwards, once an enjoyable evening has been spent together.

Turn romance into a competitive game.

Alternate planning weekly date nights with your man and plan an activity that will appeal to his competitive nature. Men will often want to take the lead here because they find great pleasure in outdoing their mate.

Finally, make sure your man knows how much you appreciate the little things that he does for you.

This can be cooking a great meal when you are tired, opening the car door for you, treating you to a chocolate heart when you are feeling blue, any number of thoughtful, little things.

Make a point of mentioning that he does this for you in front of your friends and watch the envy of the other ladies ooze all over the place! Your man will take notice and feel loved! Romantic moments should quicken with this plan!

There are definite things that you can do to encourage your man’s romantic nature. All he may need is a little suggestion, knowing how much he is appreciated and a few well thought out challenges to get his creative juices flowing.

Nurture Romantic Rituals

Couples are forever looking for ways to strengthen or enhance their love life.

A very simple and effective way to steal away for some quality time together is to establish a time to meet each day.

This can easily be arranged over the lunch hour and after dinner hours.

One idea is to arrange a time to meet for a drink of tea, or whatever type of drink that you prefer. If possible, arrange to meet in your home where you are assured of privacy.

With tea, enjoy a bite to eat when you can. While polishing off your pot of tea, simply sit for 30 minutes or so and discuss how your day is going and make any plans ahead for the coming week.

This can be a rather intimate time for the two of you and can become a regular ritual.

Many couples with children often want to know how they can add romance to their relationship being surrounded by children.

The regular meeting ritual is one way that couples can both spend some special time alone while setting a wonderful example for the children that their mom and dad really love each other.

For parents with small children, it might be impossible to spend quiet time alone together until after the children are put to bed. The importance of the ritual is the uninterrupted time spent together.

Whatever means you use to be able to do that consistently will pay off in the romance department, now and well into the future.