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Forum Traffic Secrets Mrr Ebook

Forum Traffic Secrets Mrr Ebook
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If you suspect that a new product will start gaining popularity in your market (or if it's painfully obvious that this is the case), you can simply create a new landing page promoting that product and then add a link in your signature file to your new landing page.

Similarly, if you want to target a new keyword in your market, for example "High Intensity Bodybuilding Workout", you can add the term High Intensity Bodybuilding Workout to your signature file and link to a review of an ebook about secret bodybuilding workouts from mother Russia that build inhuman muscle mass in 1 month with only 20 minutes 3 times a week. Or whatever.

Boom – just like that you can have hundreds of links pointing to your page. And those will grow "naturally" over time as you continue posting on forums.

If you have a product in the "make money"/ "work from home" industry, another thing you can do in your sig file is promote your affiliate program. Link to a page talking about your product, why it's good and why people should promote it. You will get some good affiliates that way.

If you want to track how effective your signature files are, you can use a tracking link instead of pointing directly to your landing page. Yes, forum marketing is "free", but you will still put time into it. You need to know if it pays you enough for your time (and, if you do exactly what I tell you, you should get paid more than "fairly").