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Freedom To Profit PLR Ebook

Freedom To Profit PLR Ebook
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Automation tools are designed to streamline your business, so you’re free to focus on the more important aspects of building and managing your projects. Having a solid business system in place will help you expand your outreach so that you’re actively recruiting new business rather than being caught up in the day-to-day tasks of simply running the show.

There are many different areas of your business that can be automated, including:

Set Up A Help Desk

Customer Support often takes up the majority of our time during the day. Customers need prompt support, and it’s our job to make sure that they receive it. But regardless of how many support requests you receive each day, you can take measures to better manage your customer support department, while minimizing lost time.

For starters, you should re-route all support requests directly through a help desk, rather than receiving them via email. That way, if you later create a support team, all requests will go directly to them, rather than to you. Second, it’s a lot easier to manage support requests when they are all organized in one area, rather than sorting through your inbox, trying to prioritize support requests.

This help desk software can handle thousands of customer support requests, emails and tickets, all organized based on department. You will be able to log into one main area and manage all support tickets, or assign staff to specific departments. This is a fantastic way to cut back on the time you spend managing customer support issues, while still making sure that your customer’s are given prompt and reliable support!

Shopping Cart Systems

There is no better or faster way to set up your online store, implement payment links or manage distribution and delivery of your products than with a powerful shopping cart system.

Shopping carts streamline the checkout process, making it easy for your customer’s to purchase multiple products from your website without having to go through the checkout process over and over again. This will also minimize abandon carts, because your customer’s will be able to purchase as many different products during one simple session.

VIP Shopping Cart makes it easier than ever to create payment links for all of your products, while providing your website visitor’s with a simple interface that will guide them through the entire checkout process. When it comes to installation, you don’t need to know any HTML or programming in order to set up the entire shopping cart system because this powerful shopping cart software will take care of everything for you!

This shopping cart system will also help you manage your time in another way, because it offers your customer’s the opportunity to review their past orders, download current products and manage their order history, saving you a tremendous amount of time by not having to deal with support tickets requesting help with their orders!

You can also mass upload your entire product library, rather than having to spend hours manually uploading individual items. Furthermore, you can highlight certain products, offer daily deals, feature coupons and specials and offer both digital and physical products on your website.

Take advantage of automation tools to speed up your tasks and efficiently manage your business so that you’re able to focus on growing your business and maximizing your income!

Eliminate Profit Loss

Do you know the easiest way of eliminating lost profits?

Focus only on the things that make you money!

Sounds like common sense, right? Yet many of us get caught up on spending vast amounts of time working on tasks that never result in profit. We spend countless hours dealing with the day-to-day aspects of running our business that we actually lose money because our time is mismanaged.

As entrepreneur’s, we should only focus on the tasks and projects that will result in an increase in profit. Otherwise, we need to either outsource it OR eliminate it altogether.

Sometimes it’s not always easy to identify areas of profit loss, because they’re not as obvious as you may think.

For example, when you plan out a project, do you know how to trim the fat? While it’s important to always go the extra mile when creating valuable products that our market will respond to, it’s easy to go off the deep end, spending far too much time expanding on content, increasing the project length, or adding in a ton of “extras” that quickly chew up a large portion of our allocated time.

When that happens, we end up with an inflated project that we struggle to complete, or worse, we end up not finishing at all.

So, when creating your project outlines, be careful to create a full outline of everything that you plan to cover and include and when it’s complete - push it out.

Market ready doesn’t have to mean perfect - you can always tweak and improve your product based on the feedback from your market.

Minimize Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals often stifle the creative process because rather than being focused on your short-term goals, you are far too busy thinking about what you “plan to do”.

Successful people focus on the here and now. They come up with an idea for a product, and they assign a short-term time frame to get it done. That way, the idea is still fresh in their minds and the product is still relevant at the time of completion.

Long-term goals are also self-limiting in regards to allocated time. If you set out to do a project that you don’t plan to release for a year, by the time that year is up, chances are you’ve lost interest or focus on that project. And in most competitive markets, a project that takes a year to complete isn’t likely to be in demand as it was a year earlier.

While it’s perfectly fine to think about the long-term outlook for your business overall, when it comes to specific projects, you want to do your best to focus on your current objectives and goals.

Work towards short-term goals that contribute to the long-term process of building an evergreen, successful business. Tackle each project individually, setting a reasonable time frame for completion and outsource everything you can afford to, that does not require your full attention. Free yourself up to profit, and to succeed.