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From Music To Marketing Plr Ebook With Audio

From Music To Marketing Plr Ebook With Audio
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Terry: Right. So you leverage your time, it’s not directly related to being paid on an hourly basis type of experience like offline.

Hani: Definitely. Something that Rich Dad, Poor Dad teaches you is the art of leverage. It really never struck me until I started doing online viral marketing. I read all of these books, Richard Kiyosaki… he’s repeating the concept of leverage in all of his books and it seems like a very tangible thing when you read about it. When you look at online marketing and viral marketing, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Instead of setting up an office, hiring people, and leveraging their skills to build up your business, you are bringing people together and leveraging their skills, and they’re all getting paid by commission.

Terry: And then you actually see the tangible results in your bank account.

Hani: The return on investments online is amazing and mind-blowing compared to setting up a shop down the road. It’s amazing that you can spend $100 and see $1,000 in two months coming into your account. That’s very impressive, knowing that most offline businesses go broke after 12 months.

Terry: Exactly. You just mentioned a good point. If you had $100, right now, if it was your first time online experience and you just cam online. You had $100 do to something online but you don’t know what. How would you use that $100 dollars?

Hani: Okay, I probably have three recommendations. It’s probably because of the products that I’m looking at this month. One of them would be to look at diversifying your spending across a number of high yield investment programs.

Terry: Can you give us some examples?

Hani: Sure. High yield investment programs have been around for a while and they have a bad reputation because they go broke and go out of business. There’s a strategy that you can implement that helps you diversify enough that the loss you will get will be offset in a very positive way by your gains. It’s like buying shares, but much riskier and more profitable shares. The risk and return is often correlated. And you can see one of my online marketing partners put together a portfolio of high yield investment programs.