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Fuel Efficient Vehicles PLR Ebook

Fuel Efficient Vehicles PLR Ebook
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Chapter 7 Bio-Diesel Power

An option many consumers are interested in is bio-diesel power. This is a type of alternative power that means you won’t be relying upon gasoline in order to power your vehicle. It may sound crazy but this process involves using vegetable oil to keep your vehicle running.

The problem though is that the use of bio-diesel isn’t standard in the United States. So getting you hands on what you need at times can prove to be difficult. Yet many consumers say they don’t have any problems with their vehicles using this type of alternative fuel. It keeps the insides of it well lubricated and the oil stays clean.

There are starting to be more places though where you can get bio-diesel fuel at the pumps though. This is exciting for those who manufacture such vehicles as well as those consumers interested in buying them. It is sold for a price that is significantly lower than standard fuel as well.

Other consumers with bio-diesel vehicles are content to place fresh vegetable oil into their vehicles. Some people have been known to also use the used vegetable oil from restaurants without experiencing any problems. This is a very creative way to stop being robbed blind at the gas station.

Of course that used vegetable oil can’t be dumped directly into your vehicle in such a condition. Instead it has to be processed to remove pieces of food, various debris, and glycerin found in such forms of used vegetable oil. Failure to remove them will prevent your vehicle from operating like it should.

The fact that the use of bio-diesel fuel also results in less emissions into the air is important as well. Not only will you save money on fuel but you will be doing your part to protect the environment as well. Many people are buying conversion kits so they can start using bio-diesel and stop buying gasoline. This type of conversion can only be completed accurately if you have a diesel vehicle.