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Fundamentals Of Successful Sales People Personal Use Ebook

Fundamentals Of Successful Sales People Personal Use Ebook
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Appearance is critical for sales people. If you want to look successful then you must dress as if you are. If you are not sure what to wear then check out what the other sales people are wearing. The main point to remember is that you want to dress the part.

If you are selling golf clubs and accessories it may be perfectly acceptable to wear golf attire to work. However if you are selling software to major corporations you would be viewed in a more professional light by wearing a suit.

Many companies adhere to a dress code and you will be given a copy of this when you are hired. Stick to it and dress appropriately, even if others tend to wear more casual clothes than what is called for.

Remember that first impressions count, and your clients and customers will make a mental impression of you before you even get to shake their hand. This includes the way you are dressed and how you carry yourself.

Your body language can convey messages that are not always favorable. If you are nervous or unsure of yourself, your body language sends this message out loud and clear. So as well as dressing for success you must be confident in the way you look and in your abilities.

One of the easiest things for you to do is to smile and make eye contact with your new prospects or clients. This immediately makes you a likeable person and helps to reduce any fears or tension that both parties may have.

Dressing for Success Exercises

For this exercise you want to go through your wardrobe and select a suitable outfit that you can wear when meeting clients. Look for ways you can accessorize your outfit so that it looks different. Can you add a scarf to it or maybe a jacket over the top?

When you have this completed, write out a description of your outfit below.
Your Body Language

Your body language is important, use the following tips to ensure that you present the best image possible at all times.

Your goal when meeting a client or delivering a speech is to get your audience to like you. Making eye contact with your audience helps them to pay more attention to you.

When standing keep your back straight and concentrate on opening up your chest and arm area. This helps to boost your confidence and helps you to relax. You will be able to deliver a more confident sounding speech or presentation.

Use small gestures that are controlled to demonstrate your authority and your knowledge of the subject in question. Do not use any small flimsy gestures that could make you appear weak and vulnerable.

When you want to make a point about something on the presentation screen, get into the habit of pointing at it directly and looking at it. The audience will automatically follow your gestures. It can be helpful to hold something in your hand if you are pointing at slides or places on a map.

During your presentation you want to smile, nod and move your arms in controlled ways. This helps you convince the audience of a point you want to get across.

Keep your breathing under control as well. This will help you stay relaxed and deliver a good presentation. The minute you allow your breathing to increase you will end up rushing through your presentation. This is not a good impression to make as your audience may think that you aren't interested in the topic or that you are really nervous.

Body Language Exercises

Make a point of doing the following exercises until you feel confident.

1. Practice your speech or presentation by making a recording of yourself. You can use Google + Hangouts to do this or simply record yourself talking via your webcam.

2. Practice speaking in front of a full length mirror. Make a note of your movements and your stance. You want to stand with your feet slightly apart so that you chest is pushed out.

3. Keep arm and hand movements to a minimum. If you tend to wave your arms then try using a remote or something like a stick or ruler to point to things in your presentation.

4. Get dressed in your business outfit and make sure that you look neat. Do not wear any jewellery that is distracting, while you want people to pay attention you want them to listen to what you have to say.

5. Practice deep breathing exercises on a regular basis. They will help you stay relaxed and confident during your presentation.

Your Sales Presentation

Your first step before delivering your sales presentation is to be prepared. This is very true for new sales people, but even experienced people need to make sure that they are well versed on any new product, services or software the company is now offering.

The worst thing you can do is to try and sell a product that you don't well enough. It is important to take the time to research all the ins and outs of the product or service. Find out how it is delivered, installed and used as necessary. Make an effort to actually use it yourself. This way you will know what problems or issues your customers may encounter. Plus you will know how to deal with them. Being able to solve your customer's problems, if any, after the sale will make you extremely invaluable to them.

The same applies to your company. If you have just been hired then research the company. See if they have received any awards or achieved any major milestones. The more knowledge you have about the company and the products you are selling, the more success you will have.

Delivering Your Presentation

When it comes to delivering your sales presentation there are a few key elements that you want to keep in mind. First you do not want to appear nervous or anxious and secondly, keep your presentation short.

One of the most common fears for people is the fear of public speaking. This can be talking in front of a large crowd or having to deliver a presentation to a few clients or prospects. This can be an intimidating process, but if you want to be a successful sales person, it is one that you will need to overcome.