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Game Creation Blueprint Give Away Rights Ebook

Game Creation Blueprint Give Away Rights Ebook
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Chapter 4: 3D Game Creation Software


If you want to take the experience that people will get when they play your game it is time to bump it up to 3D. Although two dimensional games are fun and did have their era, they cannot compare to the excitement and awe that a 3D game can provide.

Creating a 3D game will require much more work and time than creating a two dimensional game but it is more than possible, even for someone who is not that experienced with programming. Nearly anyone can make a 3D game with the right amount of determination, an idea, and the software to help make it all happen.

When choosing software to help you create your 3D game you must be careful. Most of them can be quite pricey so you want to make sure you get the right one so it fits your needs. The last thing you want to do is purchase licensing for software only to find out it is not capable of performing tasks that you need it to.

The following chapter will go over different types of 3D game creation software to give you a better idea of what you need.

Make it 3D

As stated before, two dimensional games cannot really compete with the gaming experience that three dimensional games can provide. If you ae serious about creating an awesome game than you really need to consider making a 3D game.

The following are some examples of different types of software that can be used to create 3D video games.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine has different versions. The latest version is Unreal Engine 4. Surprisingly, Unreal Engine 3 has nearly all the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4, things are just most finely tuned in the newest version. The possibilities are endless with this game engine. Many of the most popular games out today for several different platforms were created using Unreal Engine 4. If you plan on using this game engine to create your games you better be ready to spend some money. You will be required to pay a monthly subscription, but if you have the money it is well worth it.

CryEngine 3

This software has been used in some very popular games as well. A couple examples would include Crysis 3 and Sniper. CryEngine 3 comes with a complete set of game development tools that will surely fit ever need you have. CryEngine 3 is capable of producing stunning graphics and massive maps. You will also need to purchase a monthly subscription with CryEngine 3 just as you do with Unreal Engine. There is an option to buy the license for this software but if you are just a hobbyist the subscription will do. You can also find older versions of this software online that are free, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Unity 3D

This is an awesome game development program. Unity is a commonly used program amongst developers. This is probably due to the fact that it is ready for nearly all platforms straight out of the box. Unity 3D comes with everything you can think of when it comes to what is needed to create an efficient game. If you choose to you can even create a 2D game with Unity. You can find a free version of this software online or you can also purchase the commercial license for it.


Torque3D is another favorite amongst developers. This software offers many features and can create some truly amazing graphics and shading. Another benefit that Torque3D offers is that fact that it has the capability to publish for multi-platform. There is no free version of Torque3D but it is worth the price which is surprisingly reasonably set.


BLENDER is another great option when it comes to game development software. One of the best things about BLENDER is the fact that it is completely free. BLENDER includes tools for 3D modeling, animation, pixel shading, compositing and much more.

BLENDER comes with a built in game engine that functions on C++. It is truly remarkable software for the price of free.

C4 Engine

This software is not really on the level of Unreal Engine or CryEngine but it is still good software. C4 Engine offers texture control, terrain and scene management, dynamic lighting, advanced shading support and much more. There is a professional version as well as a personal version available for purchase as well as a lite version for academics at no charge.


This is also another popularly used game development program. It was used in games such as Doom 4 and Quake. It offers tools such as mega texture control, shadow volumes and unified lighting.

You may not know for sure exactly which software to use. It is advised that you do some further research on what will best fit your needs for your game before purchasing any game development software. Trust me, with all the choices that are available, you are certain to find a perfect match for you.

Chapter 5:

Game Modification


Game modifications or “modding” happens when changes are made to a game that developers did not intend to take place. In some cases game modifications can be used to correct errors that were made while creating the game. Sadly, in most cases game modification or “modding” is done by members of the online game community who want to alter the way a game plays or the objects in the game.

There are counter measures you can take to protect your game from being modded by people who you did not authorize to make changes to your games coding.

The following chapter will go over game modification, its different uses and ways in which you can protect your game from unauthorized modification.

All about Modification

As mentioned before, game modification can be used in a positive way. Remember early in this book when we talked about debugging programs? Well these programs are a form of game modification being used in a positive way. The debuggers find the issue in your coding and alert you of the issue. Once you fix the incorrect coding you have just modified the game. After all, it makes much more sense to find the problem in your current game rather than to start all over.