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Gamers Accessory Guide MRR Ebook

Gamers Accessory Guide MRR Ebook
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Chapter 4: Xbox Accessories


Just like with other gaming consoles, Xbox offers a wide variety of gaming accessories. There are also a lot of accessories for the Xbox One, but in this next chapter we will stick to accessories for the Xbox 360. There are different accessories with many different purposes. However, all of these accessories were made for the same reason, to provide a player with the best experience possible. If you truly want to unlock the full potential of your Xbox, there are some accessories that you will need to get first.

The following chapter will provide you with helpful information about Xbox gaming accessories and why they are beneficial.

Accessories for Xbox

There are some really cool Xbox accessories that you should check out if you consider yourself to be a serious gamer. Keep in mind, most of them are not cheap but if you want the most out of your games they are a must. The awesome thing about Xbox is that even though the Xbox One is out, products are still being developed for the Xbox 360. This means that there are always new accessories and video games that will be sure to entertain gamers.

If you are not very knowledgeable about Xbox accessories the following information should be quite useful for you:

Hard Drives:

Some games for Xbox require that the gamer has a Xbox hard drive. Some Xbox’s come with a hard drive and some don’t, it depends on what model you purchase. If you chose the cheaper model, chances are that for some games you will not have enough storage space and will be required to buy one. Hard drives range is size and price. The most common however are the 120 GB and the 250 GB hard drives. This may seem like an excessive amount of space but it really isn’t. You will be surprised by how fast this space can be filled up with downloads and mandatory updates for online games. As well, you can also save movies, music and pictures onto your hard drive.


If you enjoy playing online games, finding a good headset is a must. Headsets allow a gamer to speak with other gamers from all over the world.

This gives the gamer the ability to work cooperatively with others or face them head to head. Playing video games by yourself can become quite boring at times so spruce things up a bit and try some online gaming with a headset.