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Gamers Great Escape Mrr Ebook

Gamers Great Escape Mrr Ebook
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The issue with this is that there is a more recent body of research that spotlights social benefits of gaming. And this research has a few crucial implications.

If playing games may lead to asocial behavior, it makes sense to suggest that playing prosocial games may lead to prosocial behavior. And research supports this proposition. For instance,

While these studies surely supported the hypothesis being tested in one study, the prosocial behavior being displayed was fairly trivial.

All the same, in a different experiment in a series of studies, the researchers found a much more powerful demonstration of this effect. In that study, players played a prosocial or neutral video game and were then exposed to a situation that really tested their willingness to help other people.

Specifically, the experimenters smartly staged an encounter in which a distressed ex-boyfriend walked into the lab during the experiment to face his ex-girlfriend who happened to be the experimenter.

Naturally, this was all part of the study; however to the player it seemed as if the experiment has simply been interrupted by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend ignored the players and began to harass the experimenter (his ex-girlfriend).