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Get Her Thinking Dirty Thoughts About You PLR Ebook

Get Her Thinking Dirty Thoughts About You PLR Ebook
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Now, you can also start using a technique where you would pretend to misinterpret everything she's saying...and somehow turn it all into her trying to hit on you, flirt with you, or even sleep with you.

For example, she could say...

Her: So, where do you live?

And you could "misinterpret" that by saying...

You: Why? So, you can follow me home, pretend to wanna use the restroom, and then trick me into sleeping with you? I'm not that kinda guy, okay??

You can pretend to be shocked by what she's plotting, but obviously in a light, fun way! And, she may laugh at your comment, or she may say something like, "Oh yeah, you wish!" etc.

This is all harmless fun. But, it also continues to get some part of her mind to keep associating you with sex and fooling around. And, that's what you're trying to do with this stuff anyway.

Also... by pretending to misinterpret her comments and seeing it all as her trying to trick you into sleeping with her, you are also turning the tables on her...in a light, fun way.

You see, usually, it's the women who have to be careful and "on guard" about everything a guy says or does to her.

Women are usually the ones who have to deal with men's hidden agendas and those kinds of "wanna-be sly" moves that guys tend to make.

And women can usually see these "sly moves" coming a mile away. You're simply turning things around on her, in a playful way.