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Get What You Really Want MRR Ebook

Get What You Really Want MRR Ebook
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You can get what you really want in your life if you know how to go about it in the right way. This guide will show you exactly how to do that. Most people have no idea what they really want in their life and as a result they let life control them and end up being bitterly disappointed.

The first thing that you need to accept is that getting what you want is going to take time and effort. The reason that most people don’t know what they really want is that they cannot be bothered to think about it deeply. They would sooner waste their time on social media or watching nonsense on TV.

The first step to get what you really want is to decide what you really want. To do this you will need to spend some quality time away from any distractions and ask yourself a number of searching questions. There are many examples of these questions in the first chapter of this guide.

Then you need to set your goals properly and create a plan for achieving your goals. When you create plans they will never be perfect so accept that you will need to review them regularly and make the necessary adjustments to them.

The most critical aspect of getting what you really want is controlling your thoughts. If you don’t deal with the negative thoughts that we all experience properly then you will never manifest your desires. You also need to develop a mental toughness to deal with setbacks and keep you on the right track.

Everything that you need to know about getting what you really want is in this powerful guide. So read every word and apply what you learn. The steps outlined in the guide require practice, patience and persistence.

The reason why most people do not get what they really want in their lives is because they don’t know what they want. If you were go to a busy shopping mall on any weekend and ask a number of randomly selected people what they really want from their life then you are likely to get a lot of “I don’t know” or “I haven’t really thought about it” type answers.

So why is this?

Well there are a couple of reasons. The first is that thinking about what you really want from life requires effort and most people would prefer to waste time watching TV or sitting on social media for hours.

The second reason is that as we progress through life it is easy to think that you already have what you want. You have a steady job with steady income, a life partner, wonderful children, your own home, two cars and so on. What else could you possibly want?

Dare to Dream

These days we are surroundedby motivational messages telling us to go after what we really want. So why do so many people fail to do this? Most people do not have a clue what they want but there are always exceptions of course.

There are people that dream of becoming successful in business, politics, sport, music, art, the movies etc. These people dare to dream. But the sad fact is that most of these “dreamers” will never achieve what they really want.

Why is this?

Well they do not have the mindset to do it. They have big dreams but that’s all they are –dreams. These people do not possess the right mentality to follow through and make it happen. And that is what this guide is all about. Providing you with the tools and techniques to change your mindset so that you will have every chance of getting what you really want.

But it all starts by knowing what you really want. Having the right success mindset will do nothing for you if you do not have clarity over what it is you truly desire. So in this chapter we are going to help you to determine what you really want.

How to Discover what you really want

This is going to require you to take some quality time out without distractions. Put your phone on silent and go into a room that does not have a computer or TV. Tell other members of your household that you don’t want to be disturbed unless there is an emergency. Arm yourself with a pen and a few sheets of paper and you are ready to go.

What you are going to do now is to take a look at different areas of your life. We are going to provide you with some questions to ask yourself in the following areas:

• Your Job or Business
• Your Finances
• Your Personal Life
• Your Health and Wellbeing
• Your Contribution

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Once you have been through these life areas you can addothers if you wish. But these will give you a great start in determining what you really want. With each of these questions you need to write an answer down on paper. Don’t worry about how you are going to achieve these things –we will tackle this later.